Saturday, December 26, 2009

Problem with children

Nothing much to say right now, except... yea, it's a bit out of context and random.. heh. I am going to finish it at some point by the way, as my idea is to actually write something a bit longer with a bit more of plot development in it. Hope you enjoy *Smile*


Kids and their Games

Juan frowned and turned his back at her. She reached out and placed her silk soft, tiny hand upon his left, bare shoulder. He didn’t move and she leaned in close, pressing her perky bosom against his back as she rested her head upon his shoulder. “It is fine, I know what you mean love.” He smirked and got up standing, leaving her on the bed. She studied his body in the moonlight. Even though he was agile and handsome, there was something about his body that made him seem unattractive. She couldn’t quite put it, maybe it was all the scars, maybe it was the almost unnatural slenderness. He was perfect shaped, not too muscular, not too fat. As gods shaped his kin, his eyes were brown and kind and his hair, even though it was dark in the lack of light, seemed so warm and soft. She hadn’t seen him like this before, and maybe that was what disturbed her.

The pirate put on his pants; he turned to look over his shoulder for a second, a hint of sadness perhaps running across his face as he nodded at her. “You know your way out.” She got up; he didn’t even know her name. It wasn’t typical for him to sleep with the same girl more than once, and even though he’d made the mistake of taking her in more than once, he still hadn’t bothered learning her name.

He left his cabin without further notice and entered the hallways. Dorian was already up and about, for his door was open as well as Landon’s. He had hoped to be the first one up. To enjoy the sun rise on his own, but that usually wasn’t the case. He couldn’t go back, he wouldn’t look at that girl again, that creature who’d stolen his precious time, and for a moment of time, a split second, stolen his love, and even though he had a tendency of quickly falling in love with girls, and just as quickly dismiss the emotion when he was done with them, it pained him every time to do so.

The deck was misty and wet, like any other morning, the Lady of Mists welcomed him with her familiarity that he liked to take in and study. Even though the ship had been his home for several decades now, and even though he was doomed to stay on it for eternity, he still saw the ship as a sanctuary rather than a cage. He loved every inch of it, every tiny detail, the scent of the wet wood, and the touch and feel of the cool wind. “You’re up?” Dorian’s voice was easily recognizable for Juan. Many would not be able to tell the difference between Dorian and his twin in the mist, nor pick their voices apart, but Juan knew Dorian better than most, and he smirked to himself. “You here to torment me further?” Dorian shook his head and took one step so that they would stand shoulder to shoulder, as equals, studying the water before them. “You do that pretty well yourself.” Juan D’unian nodded lightly and studied the full moon upon the sky, hanging like the envious lover, constantly observing the earth below her to make sure everything is in order. A wolf howled nearby and Juan knew already what wolf that was. Their crew was an interesting bunch, and their Captain had a tendency of disappearing every time they made it to shore, especially if a full moon was about. Dorian kept quiet, studying Juan’s features in the moonlight. Juan returned the gesture by speaking no word, and allowed silence to sweep them in and force their minds to travel someplace else, anywhere else.

“I am off.” She said, her voice was high pinched and it was easy to hear tears in it. Dorian sighed and shook his head at Juan. “You are not going to help her off at least?” Juan turned around and looked at the girl for a second, then walked towards the little stairway leading under deck. “You can do that, if you care so much for her.” Dorian frowned. “And where are you going?” “I need more sleep; girl’s been keeping me up.” Dorian laughed to himself and went towards the young girl, telling her way back to the town and giving her a few coins so she could repair her clothes and get herself some food.

Juan dumped himself into his bed, looking at the ceiling for some time, attempting to knock the thoughts out of his head. His sheets smelled like her perfume, and something… a bit more passionate. There were blood on them as well; he had been rough to her, just like she liked it. A sound of utter depression escaped him and he closed his eyes, dreaming about what really bothered him.
She came clear to him easily in his mind, her beautiful face, her wolfish grin, and the glimpse in her eye, as if she is going to steal every coin he has after having her way with him. He loved every bit of her, and he would even give up his life on the Lady of Mists if it meant spending his life with his mysterious lover. Like the girl from before, he did not know his dream girl’s name. He had spent many nights with her, but didn’t remember. And silly as he was, he’d even bought her something last they had been at a large market.

He dreamed himself away with her, and was first awakened when someone bumped down next to him in the bed. Lazily Juan opened one eye, looking at Dorian’s charming brown eyes, exotic face yet pale skin. The dead friend of his smirked with his large, bloody fangs and ran a finger down Juan’s chest. “So going to stay in bed all evening? And if so, am I to join?” Juan laughed and grabbed Dorian’s adventurous finger. “you’ve eaten a human I see…” “How did you know?” “You always get like this when you feast.” Dorian rolled his eyes, clearly an expression of frustration. “You are by far the most boring lover I’d ever had. What’s with you Ju-ju?” “You know I hate that name.” “Your brother calls you Ju-Ju?” “Oh yes, and I have the most amazing relationship with my brother and I would never ever harm him.” “True true, point taken… So, are you going to move soon?” “Are we sailing yet?” “Oh no, Landon and I figured you might want to catch a drink with us downtown?” “And what if I run into her?” “What her?” “The girl from before you twit!” “Oh…” Dorian smirked and leaped on top of Juan, pressing his nose against his lovers, whispering against his lips “I ate her.” Then he rolled off the bed before Juan could smack him one. “YOU did WHAT?” Dorian was quick on his feet and at the door before Juan was even up from the bed. “I ate her, figured you didn’t want her no more anyways!” “W—Wait?” Dorian stopped and arched a dark eyebrow “Yes?” “Haven’t your father forbidden the feasting on people?” Dorian shrugged. “Dad’s caught up in his own web right now, tangling like a little fly.” “Oh?” Juan crossed his arms across his chest. “And what would the job be then?” “What job?” “The one he is going to ask us to do for him sooner or later…” Dorian shrugged. “Nothing much… He just wants the kids.” Juan went to his cabinet and found a brown liquor bottle. He opened it and drank from it. “The kids?” Dorian nodded. “You know, Lance’s kids.” “So we are to steal them from Anthalas and Logan?” Dorian nodded. “Shouldn’t be too hard. I heard Logan is out hunting this month, and Anthalas is trick able.” Juan took another big swallow from the bottle and wiped his mouth with his left hand. “So you want me in?” Dorian nodded again “Anthalas and Vian used to be old friends, maybe you can use that to your advantage…” Juan frowned “You forget something.” “Oh yes, your brother and his former friends are usually not… exactly neutral neither.” Juan flashed a cruel smile “It’s a family tradition to turn friends into sworn enemies.” Dorian turned to leave. “Be at deck in ten.” “Yea yea. “ “Oh and Juan?” Dorian stood in the door for a second or two, then finished his sentence. “We have guests, so get dressed will you?” and by those words, left the cabin.

Juan was on deck a few minutes later, dressed as proper as would be expected from Juan. He wasn’t one from wearing clothes generally, but he did have the decency to put on a shirt to go with the pants. A pair of young, female eyes studied him as he came up, and he met them without much word. A group of four people, one of them being a darkskinned woman, standing next to the first one he had spotted. She was ravenblack with white hair, similar to the moon worshipping of his own kin. He knew her already and didn’t like the sight of her one bit. She was his brother’s old… well girlfriend was the best term he could come up with, and he knew that if she was about, it meant trouble for either him or Vian. Either was trouble he didn’t particularly like. She bowed her head, and greeted him, but he did not return the gesture and instead studied the people that accompanied her. Two magicians, one which seemed weaker than the other, like magicians had a tendency of doing. A large man, probably a savage from the old lands, seemed to be her guardian, and the woman whose eyes he met first, and whom he could not help himself but study, was quite fairskinned and dressed in what seemed like a light armor. Dorian nodded at Juan. “We are escorting Mirren and her companions, as well as taking my father’s little pet here on board.” The fair skinned girl snarled at Dorian, clearly he had been teasing her since her arrival and her fangs shown quickly indicated that she did not enjoy his smart mouth quite as much as Juan had a tendency of doing. “She’s his newest love?” Juan asked instead, tossing his usual, charming yet somewhat mysterious, cocky smirk into the conversation. Dorian shook his head. “If only, at least she’s a blast. This one’s some new girl of his, joined from th-“ “Is there a point to all this?” The girl interrupted and Dorian kept quiet. “No no, let’s just get going. Mirren and her companions will be dropped off at their destination on the way, and, what was your name again? Let’s call her Chuchu, like a little doggie? Yea, Chuchu, I like that name.” She opened her mouth to speak but something kept her from doing so, maybe the fact that Dorian wasn’t going to listen to her anyways, as he just kept talking nonsense while walking down the stairs to show them to their respectable rooms.

Copyrighted by Cecilie Hornstrup Nemeth, DK ©

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Past

This is the story of Vian and Juan, their past, when they were very young. I hope you enjoy it, and don't cry too much...
In a world of innocence
don't let go

”Mom’s ill.” the young boy shook his head, scratching his dirty cheek. “I know, but don’t think about it, she’ll get well soon.” The first boy nodded to his older brother, then dried his nose. It was cold outside, snow fell from the sky, and their fire had died out days ago. They were both covered in blankets and all the clothes they could find to keep out the cold. The oldest boy looked towards the bedroom door again. Their mother was in there, coughing, he could hear her. “We have to get some food.” He said slowly, then turned to look at his brother again before asking “Will you go with me to the village?” the younger boy shook his head “What about mom?” his brother nodded “You stay here then, and take care of her?” “But Vian…” “No buts, I am leaving now, we need food.” Vian, twenty years old, studied his younger brother for a few moments. He then shook his head again. “I need your help Juan.” The younger brother bit down on his thumb, he hadn’t quite stopped sucking on it yet, and he still slept in their mother’s bed. “I’ll go then…” he answered after a few seconds of silence. Vian nodded and pulled down his hat to cover his ears, then did the same to Juan’s.
They went out, into the wet and cold of winter snow, the tyranny of the wind, the brutality of nature’s wrath. “Vian, don’t let go.” Juan said, holding his brother’s hand. Vian gave his hand a slight squeeze, dragging him through. “I never will.”

The storm had gotten worse, and the two brothers couldn’t tell what was in front of them no more. Juan tripped and slipped out of Vian’s hand. He curled together in the snow, shaking his head “I don’t wanna go.” He cried, sucking on his thumb, tears rolling down those soft cheeks. “Come on Juan, come on!” Vian yelled at him and pulled him up standing. They took ten more steps before Juan fell again, this time with his face first into the snow. He started crying loudly and screamed in frustration. Vian hugged him close, sitting down next to him, rocking him in his arms. “Don’t let go Juan.” He said, but Juan just kept crying.

They slept in a small cavern nearby, trying to keep each other warm by lying close. Vian held around Juan and protected him, and Juan was first to fall asleep. As they woke that morning they were even hungrier, and the storm had become even worse.
The village had been empty but at least the storm had died out. Their way home was a lot easier, but they returned home empty handed, to a house with a mother who’d forgotten them. “Don’t ever let go.” Vian said to his kid brother, and then vanished.

Juan opened his eyes, looking at the ceiling. For a moment he felt like screaming, screaming in frustration, but he kept his head cool. His entire body was sweaty and warm, and he pushed off the girl lying up against him before crawling out of bed. He picked up his pants, strapped the belt in and walked on deck. Here he studied the moons, wondering if he had ever let go.

In his giant bed Vian laid, studying the ceiling, thoughtful. He was saddened by a stunning dream, and he felt the sting to his heart as he looked upon his hand. Six hundred years had passed since they’d found their mother lying in bed, dead. He got up from his bed, leaned against the wall and looked out his window, studying the moons, wondering why he’d ever stopped holding on.

Copyrighted by Cecilie Hornstrup Nemeth, DK ©

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Guest Starring!

Hello there. I have fallen in love with something Helene wrote to me. I just love her language and have decided to post it here. It is personal and might not make much sense to outsiders, but please, dive into her language and enjoy her descriptional little lovescene.


Early morning

The early morning sunlight streamed carefully through the open window, a slight wind made the see-through-silk curtains wave like a breeze through a corn field. And there on the round bed in the middle of the room laid a woman. The sun blessed bare skin of her pale back, uncovered by the silk bed sheets. Her hair flung over the pillows like wild fire through a dry forest.
He could tell that she was sleeping, for the sound of her calm breath. He smiled to himself as he remembered how she’d gotten here. He’d been holding her, not wanting to let go, so he picked her up with ease, as she was so tiny and light. He had placed a finger on her crimson lips when she was about to ask what he was doing, and she’d kept quiet. He had carried her all the way back to his private chambers, only to let her down where she now slept so calmly. Her eyes had followed him closely as he’d turned his back at her, to free himself from his armor, and placed it away.

He sighed and frowned a bit, as he remembered having had to lay bounds on himself, bound so that he’d not just forcefully take her right then and there. Instead he’d crawled up to her and glanced into her green-purple eyes for a long while before kissing her softly on the cheeks, her for-head and at last her crimson lips. He was struggling with his self-control as she kissed him back. He knew very well that this was not some pre-learned reaction, but her instincts reacting. Same instincts that woke curiosity in her eyes as he very tenderly and slowly had begun untying the lace on her dress. Surprisingly natural her fingers had found their way to caress his arms as he kept untying, her touch sending a trembling fire going under his skin. The same fire he could sense under hers as his fingers touched her bare skin for the first time.

He sighed and turned to face the window. He could not stand looking at her, know that the fire would must certainly rise again. Knowing that he would have to leave her again. Leave her and maybe never see her again. He sighed and locked his gaze on a sunlight rose standing alone on the field outside his window, letting all his thoughts fly away like the birds in the sky above it.
She stretched slowly, and rose herself to her elbows with a silent yawn. Then when her thoughts wandered to the part night blood rose to her cheeks and she blushed, the tingly feeling spread throughout her tiny little body. She glanced around only to be blinded by the bright morning sunlight, shining at her from the window, catching glance at him firm figure beside it. His back turned towards her. He'd only bothered to wrap a silk sheet around his waist, leaving the rest of his strong features exposed. She’d not dreamt, she’d not been tricked be her own lacking memory. She reached for the sheet, and wrapped it lightly around her as she sat up, blinking tiredly like a little child denying it was still sleepy. She could not deny that she hadn’t slept this well in a very long time. No nightmare, no other magister having to calm her in the middle of the night. Just him, he’d tugged her in, and it was like his strong arms had shielded her from the nightmares that kept coming back. She smiled still slightly blushed. Then she carefully dropped off the bed and got to her feet, slowly approaching him, not stopping before she stood right behind him. He closed his eyes as he felt the warmth of her body behind him. Then he took a deep breath and turned around, carefully placing his arms around her, and she rested her cheek on his chest.

How could he have looked away? There it was like ignited by her glance as she looked up at him; the fiery feeling trembling through him again. He was about to say he had to leave, when she placed a finger on his lips silencing him, like he’d done to her the night before. His lips burned, and he kissed her finger, her hand, her arm, her neck. He didn’t want to stop, he couldn’t. And he knew she’d not stop him.

Copyrighted by Helene Kiilerich Frederiksen, DK ©

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vampire stories

I've been gone for a while, but life sometimes takes time off my hands. Now here's a vampire character I have been working on.
Oh before we start
Here's some facts about the character
Age by embrace – 23 years old
Immortal life – 14 years
Mortal name – Adéle DeChanú
Known as – Little Alice
Clan – Malkavian
Embraced by – Unknown
Mental Condition – “stable”
Origin – French, (Born in Paris)
Haven – Own apartment
Strongest Discipline – Dementation
Nature – Monster
Quote –
“Oh, you'll probably go to heaven
Please don't hang your head and cry”

Alice in wonderland

Tip toe down the hall; make sure not to wake him. He’s right there, behind the curtain, and he’ll scream if you wake him. Oh yes. Good thing you hid him from the world, because even though you forced him into the mirror, he’s still there, able to hurt you, oh yes. And how did you become like this? You don’t remember do you? You remember dying? Oh it all comes back now, the illness. You need your medication, or your lungs will collapse again. That is why you are up early tonight. You have to make it to the drugstore, get your pills before they close.
You tip toe out the door, bare feet in the rain. It will make you even more ill, but you’re afraid to get inside again. Oh yes, you’re afraid to wake him up too early. He’ll get mad, the man in the mirror. Maybe you should break it? Break the mirror? Sounds dangerous, he might come out again then, be free to roam your world.
The drug store is still open, luckily. You remember to place your hat correctly, the Indian will not sell anything to you if your hat is wrong, you know that don’t you? The pills are there, on the third shelve, a big, white glass with a red pictu- wait. You stop, turn and look at the other shelve. Pills, pretty, blue pills. “Used to treat erectile dysfunction in men” it says. Maybe you need it? You’re not sure, it might help. You take it anyways, and grab the pills for your lungs. Antibiotics as well, they might come in handy later.
The Indian is looking at you behind the counter again. He’s got that stare in his eyes, and you smile and bow elegantly. He laughs a bit, and nods with his head. His mouth opens, he is going to talk. You can see his teeth move, and smell his breath. He’s going to infect you if you get closer, you know it. Maybe he send you the powder? Oh yes! The powder! You nod at his comment, not sure about what he said, hands the boxes and glasses of pills over, then pays, takes the bag, and run out into the rain. You have to get to the airport quickly, the man down there might know about the powder.
You feel a sting to your heart. Your lungs are in pain, and you take a few pills. Works every time, and you keep running, chewing on the pills. They taste nice tonight.
And it’s out there in the rain that it all comes back to you, after stuffing your face with pills. You’re actually dead. Pills won’t help the pain, won’t help the sorrow. The Cancer is spreading but it won’t cure you, because you’re dead already, so you get more ill, but nothing changes. You’re so dead you can’t even grow a beard, and I know, you’ve always wanted a beard. Yea, look into the rain water, see our reflection. Girls can’t grow beards after all.
I’ll leave you to it, you dead, miserable being, but don’t create a spectacle.

A night in wonderland

So now I’m all alone, and what am I supposed to do? My mind’s empty you see, all empty now that the babbling self is gone. Know what me told me to do? Chill?! As if I ein’t already? I mean, I am dead, I am permanently chilled. And I mean, what kind of way was that to go anyways? I died in a freakin car crash, on my wedding day, we’d been married for less than an hour, and BOOM, car crashes. There I am, lying on my stomach, thinking “It can’t get any worse now” and this bloke, whom I’ve seen like, a million times, at my sessions and things, he shows up, and goes “Let me take you down the rabbit hole.” I told him to quit his pickup lines and call the paramedics, right that second! And you know what he did? He patted my head, and told me I was dead already. Can you believe that? Dead? Me? Brought me back from the darkness, that idiot. I didn’t even feel a thing though. I mean, I’ve met a few of my kin, all talking about the pain, and the feeling of death. All I saw was darkness. Pfft, them being scared of death, being scared of the pain, of the fire, of the sun. They don’t know jack shit, you see, the only real fear out there, is the darkness.
But let’s go back to how I met Rick, whom I married and died with. Let’s start with that? Or maybe something different, like, the bloke that decided to…embrace? Me? Well, let’s go back to my parents in France, the ballet, the beauty, my beauty. The pills, the cancer, the sickness. Oh my beauty, torn by the sickness. I couldn’t dance no more. It all comes back to me now, I couldn’t dance because I got ill, and I married Rick because he loved my inner beauty. Oh yea. And there were this stalker, whom sends me all those letters. And he used to show up at all my shows, that man, who also told me I was dead that night, in the car crash. Who led me into the darkness.
Maybe it was panic, stress, or maybe it wa- That smell? I ein’t got time for more talking, you see, I got things to do. I smell her, she’s running, she’s in panic, someone’s hunting her. There’s another of my kin nearby. I can feel him, smell his dead corpse. He’s already soaked in blood? He’s been hunting more than once. Well then. I hear her scream, and in a flash I am there, watching this dark man, in a dark cloak, with a large iron pipe, standing before his prey. He hasn’t eaten her yet, he keeps talking, talking so loud, about how he’s going to rape her first, then beat her up, and then, he might give her the merciful death. I can’t let him do that. I scream out “Hey you!” he turns, stares at me, as if he knows me, and for a second, I fear my powers not working. But then he screams, he screams in fear and terror and backs against the wall, I take a step closer to him, and he grabs his head, digging his nails into the flesh, and screams. I’ve only showed him what a monster he truly is, and shown him what a comfort it must be, knowing that no one will ever love him, no one will ever care for him, not even his kindred, not even his friends and family. I show him colors, and then I step into his nightmare and hand over the mirror, so he can look at his own reflection being eaten by creatures of darkness and chaos. Those creatures I love myself, they always tug me in at night. I show him his dem- I stop tormenting him as I hear her screams. She runs towards the road from the small alley, across the road, towards the city. I can’t stop her. She’s so terrified. My love, I loved her, for a split second I felt my body love her, crave for her attention. I remove my focus from the vampire, and as fear and terror strikes my heart, I watch her shadow slammed against a truck. There’s nothing of her left, she’s dead.
I stand there, as her blood is now on my hands, I killed her, and I am not sure I am proud of it. Her lifespan was over before I touched her, I gave her seconds more to live, but I could have given her wonders instead of fears.
There are people on the road, pointing the direction of where I am standing, but I am still in the shadows, they won’t see me from that far. And that’s when I feel it. SLAM against my face. The steel smashes me around, and I fall. Feel the pain. The man who’s lunch I stole. I had forgotten him a second. But how I love the pain. It’s fresh and new. He lifts me up and shakes me. A smile upon my face, and he seems to be scared of it. But don’t stop now, Please? He tosses me away and picks up the pipe again. “What are you?” he screams in anger, I’ve shown him his true monster, and even though I lost my focus, he won’t forget it. He won’t forget what I almost made him do, go into the magical fear that would never stop until he was far away. “You! Monster!” he screams and slams the pipe against my face. I realize now, he’s new. He’s a brand new kindred, look at him. And looking closer I notice the bloodstains down his shirt are not new. He’s been feeding for some time now. “Monster?” I ask, and get up standing. He cracked my skull I think, it hurts like hell, the world is so pretty like this. “I am down the rabbit hole, the entity of reality, the modern reality that is, I mean, I ein’t the entity of the seventh hundred’s of queen what’s her face? I’m the entity of now, and you’ve made it. You’ve made it and I am proud of you!” He stops, looks at me without a clue of what is going on. “What are you?!” he screams again, he’s desperate to know. I should have known earlier how young he was, I could have used that against him instead of showing him the world as it really is. “You’re the lie, I’m the truth. Come with me Lie, I’ll buy you coffee” he doesn’t know what to do and I just place my hat back upon my head, almost hiding the wound he’s made. It’ll heal sooner or later, and I like the feel of it, the flesh is so, mortal.
We sit down, drink coffee and he keeps looking at me. I ask him if I got a bug on my face. I probably do, one big one too. He shakes his head “Are you… one of my kin?” He asks and I shake my head. “no no, you’re the Lie, I’m the Truth, don’t you see? Call me Alice, I made it down the rabbit hole, and came out on the other side. I can show you the way Lie? So you can see the truth as well?” He laughs all of a sudden “Are you going to ask me to take a blue or red pill?” “When did you die?” I ask instead, people are looking at us now inside the diner, but they just think I’m nuts, they always do. They should know better. One day I’ll scream at their faces, show them ALL the face of madness that is behind the mirror. Suddenly I hear it from the radio, news about a car crash, maybe they are going to find my friend soon. He looks nervous. And I understand why. He killed her, he did. And she was famous too? Apparently so. Killing famous people. The Kindred won’t like that. I know they won’t. I’ve been told the rules by the mirror.
When I leave the coffee place it’s for the last time. I need to find a new place to eat. At least I destroyed all the tapes, so nothing leads back to me. It’s all bloody; he’s still at it in there. I didn’t do much. I just made sure that my lunch was saved. He got scared, and I showed him why he should be scared. I mean, we all know they were all watching him. Every being inside that coffee place was staring at him, judging him, I saw it as well. How they pointed at him and blamed him for what he did. He killed that woman. She was apparently some anchor woman for some tv station. Smart move Brujah, smart move. Lies are all like that, every time I meet a new Lie, they turn out destroying things.
I count the money from the cash register, and lick my bloody fingers. He butchered them and I made sure to get my lunch after. Then I alarmed the police. Or rather, I clicked the alarm button underneath the counter. Then I turned on all the gas. It should be blowing up by n- There we go. I wonder if my friend survives. The little Lie should die in flames, but I’ve seen some of them survive. I should have taken his blood shouldn’t I? The mirror’s told me that my own kin’s blood is the most tasty, but I should be careful to drink it, because they prince will know. Oh my prince. So beautiful on his white horse. I rearrange the top hat and take my leave. The Airport is calling, and I got an appointment there. About the white powder. The white powder in my inner pocket. It might be eating off my heart as we speak.

Stories and immortality

“What are you?” She screamed, tied to a chair. Adéle smiled, twirling around to the music in her head. “I’m an artist.” She bowed her head elegantly and then clapped her hands together, turning on all the light, as well as the stereo.
“It's not easy having yourself a good time, greasing up those bets and betters, Watching out they don't four-letter”
“Oh you made my favorite song!” she laughed, but the girl just screamed for help again. “No one will come; they are used to it in this neighborhood by now. Thinking my husband’s beating me up over and over.” the girl stopped screaming, looking at Adéle. “What are you?” Adéle bowed her head, and stopped dancing. “I’m dead, that’s what I am. I’m death itself.” The poor victim shook her head “You’re that dancer. Adéle is your name.” Adéle shrieked and held her hands upon her ears “No! I am not! I died! I’m the Truth now! I’m Alice in wonderland, I’m a rabbit, I’m dead inside. Petrified, I’m death, I am the Arch angel, I am the ultimate truth! I am Chaos AND order.” “No no, you’re Adéle. You got lungcancer don’t you? I read about it a few years ago. I used to love your ar-“ “SHUT IT!”
“I can't decide, whether you should live or die; Oh, you'll probably go to heaven, please don't hang your head and cry”
“The Music is right.” Adéle said. “I don’t want to kill you. So don’t call me that name, but tell me, what do you know?” the girl shook her head. Bravely she said “Untie me first.” Adéle laughed “I’ve never tied you up, you just thought you were. Silly goose.” “Nono, there’s robe around my hands.” “Oh. How did that get there?” She danced towards the girl and untied her. “I am sorry, it must have been the entity doing it.” The girl got up standing, and for a second she wanted to run from the empty room. There was nothing there but two chairs, the skylight view, hidden speakers and large panorama windows giving them a view of the entire city at night. “What do you want to know?” She asked, and Adéle took her hands, dancing around and laughing. “You can be my new doll.” The girl shook her head “I got a husband.” “Oh. Me too.” The girl nodded, dancing slowly with Adéle. “Rick right?” Adéle nodded.”Rick. He used to love me, but I locked him inside the mirror.” The girl arched an eyebrow. “So you’ve been here for all those years? fourteen years without anyone hearing anything from you.” “I died, in a car crash.” “Oh? I heard no one was hurt by that crash.” Adéle let go of the girl, and then screamed loudly and ran head first into the wall.
“Oh I could throw you in the lake, or feed you poisoned birthday cake, I won’t deny I'm gonna miss you when you're gone. Oh I could bury you alive, but you might crawl out with a knife, and kill me when I'm sleeping. That's why-“
They were silent for that moment, then Adéle charged the girl. She screamed, trying to run away, but Adéle was too fast, and she pinned her to the floor.
“What are you doing?” the girl screamed, fear in her eyes. Adéle stared at her. “How do you know about the Truth?” “How do you live here?” “Rick, he bought stocks, and as he’s not dead, they are still there.” “Where is he then?” “Dead” “But?” “I saved his corpse”. Adéle kissed her forehead and got up standing again. “I saved him from knowing he’s dead. He’s here, in my bedroom, you wanna see?” The girl got up standing, looking at the city. “So you live off of his stocks?” “Oh no, I write about life, about you, that is why I need you. You need to tell me about your life. So I can write it down, down into a book, and be made immortal.” “Immortal?” “Yes, you will live here, with me, and I’ll write a book about you. Then publish it, and you’ll die, but live on in your story.” “You are going to kill me?” “Not if you do good.” The girl studied Adéle. She didn’t seem strong and the girl then nodded her head. “Fine, I accept.” “You accept death?” “No, I accept being your muse” Adéle laughed “Oh you are not my muse, you’re my Lie, my little Lie, but I will make you truth!” the girl nodded again.”Fine fine, I’ll tell you whatever I think off, and you write it down. Then publish it?” “Yes, I have an artist’s name as well, Alice is the name, like wonderland you see. Alice C. Cooper.” “Wait? You’re A. C. Cooper?” Adéle nodded “Yea.” “You’ve written… twenty, maybe thirty books.” Adéle nodded again “Yes…” “You killed all those?” “No, I made them immortal. Like me.” “So they are all… dead?” “Oh no, They are immortalized on paper, captured and loved forever.”

Copyrighted by Cecilie Hornstrup Nemeth, DK ©

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Now this is the rebirth of Obsidian, I am working on this Manus where the Nine are brought to our world, in the future, to destroy and recreate. Anywho, yea, I hope you enjoy. I won't say much more about it, but, it might be a bit cruel.
A christmas Carol

Christmas night, every child sleeping peacefully in their beds; and every parent still up, preparing for the big day tomorrow morning. The slow falling of snow from the sky, Christmas has come, and so will the joy. But for one creature on this god forsaken earth, the joy was a dream, and Santa didn’t come. He was but fourteen years old, but already cursed by a terrible fate. His shelter, sanctuary, was a church that had long been closed down, replaced by a newer, smarter model. But the building still stood, in this forsaken neighborhood, where the people now had to walk for ten minutes to get to a church. There once had been light inside the building, but darkness had fallen inside of it. Everyone had said their goodbyes to the sad angel statues, the figurines that cried when no one looked, they were as lonely as this child, who was lost, and could never go home. He had been told terrible things, and in the end driven to say goodbye to all the shelter that family provided. Like the angels, he had been alone when he said goodbyes to his friends, to security, to love and happiness. He was sitting between them now, and they looked at him, oh if they were alive, they would provide him with new shelter, save this poor child, but they were statues, only able to cry when they were alone.

His name was Junior, Arthur Junior. His father had been a wealthy and powerful man, and proud of his wife to carry a son as their firstborn. He was a child with the best beginning in life, and what drove him to run away was a faith no one would expect to happen to him. His family had given up searching for him, it had been two years now, and no word, still no word from their son, their light. His mother had been touched by grief, utter despair and driven mad. His father buried himself in work, fighting for his sanity to stay put. Booze soothed the father’s mind, where drugs soothed the mothers. But there was nothing to soothe this child’s mind, here at Christmas Night. His green eyes stared at the figure hanging on the cross. Jesus Christ didn’t look back, for he was but a statue himself, and the thought of salvation from this man carved in wood, did not cross the boys mind no more. He had given up hope, he had decided to give into faith.

His eyes were a poisonous green color, they had not always been like that, he was born with blue eyes, and blonde hair. He had been a pretty child, now he was a horror to look upon. The hair was silvery white, aged before time, and his eyes had changed to that dreadful color. An alien creation attempted to crawl free on his back, and it hurt him every second, as the skin broke a little, hour for hour it stretched and itched on his back, the pain was sometimes too much for him to handle and he would pass out for a day. But the alien had yet to crawl out of him, whatever it was.

No loyal friend had been there for him, they had all forgotten him, or abandoned him, he was no longer a missing child, he had been stored away somewhere. He cried as he leaned his head upon the bench he was sitting up against. His feet touched the opposite bench but he was yet not tall enough to kick upon the bench in front of him, or maybe the walk to the alter was just too wide. He could hear the silent whisper of the wind, pitying him for his terrible faith, but he forgave it not, it had no reason to show him pity, it did not know what it meant to suffer, not when it was caught in a tree did it suffer, it was unable to.

And that was when he heard the footsteps. A figure of some importance for this poor boy, and the child turned his head but slightly, to study the person.
“You are causing a spectacle” the male voice spoke, broke the silence so brutally it would hardly ever forgive him. The child studied him still, without a word. “I can feel the sadness you create child, make it stop, before it destroys us both.” The man walked towards him. He was not tall, yet not small neither. His hair was envied its color by the shadows, and his face was plain and ordinary, not to recognize from a crowd. He carried his dark color of dressing with respect and pride, and he was a person of respect and authority, yet what did he do in a church at this hour. The child wondered the same, and arose to his feet with some complications. He had been sitting there too long, it was almost as if he had forgotten how to stand again, as if his body had decided to give up, and die on that depressing spot. “… W…w…who are you?” he stuttered a bit, his body had forgotten the ability to speech as well and he had to force words upon his lips. “I am far from your salvation, yet I am here to bring you from this place. To warm your body and feed your hunger.” The child did not understand and question was painted upon his face. “I have seen you before.” “Indeed you have, last time I was in your dreams. Tell me child, do you fear to dream now?” The child nodded slowly. “Will you take me there?” “I will; it is time.” The child nodded again. “And I will no longer be this, sad creation?” “No…” The child nodded his third time. “Then take me now, Death.” The Death smirked lightly and extended a hand. “Then follow me.” And the child took his hand, he left the body that had been his prison for so long, and followed Death, leaving the shell behind to make room for its new host. And the Nine was again complete, with the birth of Obsidian, the controller of Sin. The boy was no more, Death feasted on his soul. Finally the Alien growth could be let loose, and Obsidian stretched his white wings as far as they could be stretched, as he arose and watched the angels look away, not to see the creation of this destruction. The master of Sin, a creation that should never have been allowed access to this world, but could not be kept back by its keepers. And Sin joined the master, as it was requested of him. The angels came alive to cry, before they were burned alive, inside the child’s last resting place.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jylia meets Sin

This is all random, and probably won't make much sence to you, but please, just enjoy it without question.
It is new, and It is a project of mine.


The day Sin Crashed.

It’s all grey, nothing’s white or black anymore, nothing’s really shining with a color; it’s all so dull, grey and boring. The sky is grey, the clouds are whiter than the sky, yet still, it is but a brighter shade of grey. The people around were all the same, all the same dull color of nothingness, they all had faces, unfamiliar, boring faces, random features, as if they were all a big puzzle of different emotions, yet even the smile that the homeless man who had snuck into the bus flashed was grey.
She froze, it was so incredibly cold everywhere, all the grey mass of nothing made the cold even worse, and the summer hadn’t quite touched her skin yet. Her skin was pale, sickening white. She looked like an ancient princess from a dawn of dragons and knights.
Her lips red as blood and her hair was black and long. Her eyes were a contrast matched by the black and white on her face. They were green and thereby fought the red lips for attention. She was dressed in black dresses, long sleeves and a high collar. Her features were cold and she wore too much makeup for her white skin; dark makeup, black colors around her eyes. Her nails were polished black as well, and her fingers were long and pale. She studied the grey world without much interest as she denied the world her attention by listening to music too loud and dream herself too far away.

And this was when something happened. She turned her head lightly, studying the windows in front of her, out to the open road. She still doesn’t know what made her turn her head, but she did, to glare out the window with no certain interest in anything but to slaughter her boredom before work demanded attention of her and her day would be lost in paperwork and envelopes. She only had a second to respond and she used that second to do nothing but stare, as a person suddenly stood on the middle of the road and was hit and crushed by the bus. People suddenly came alive, awakened by the death of kindred. They arose and women screamed, the bus stopped, some asked the others “What happened?” or “What was that?” four seconds later something landed upon the top of the bus, and they could hear a person running down the roof of the vehicle. Everyone ran to the back of the bus, to look, to see out the windows, what was it, what was it? They could see nothing outside but crowd, people, everyone who had seen the bus hit the person was there, some of them recording on their mobile phones, some of them calling home to talk with their wife, all of them gathered and starring. The bus door opened and people rushed out, first out the driver to see what he had hit. Jylia made her way through the crowd of LA, as curious as everyone else, what was going on.

The crowd was thick in circles, and in the middle was a man. Everyone was staring at him, he was sitting on his behind, rubbing his head, completely untouched by the fact that box of metal weighing a ton had just hit him frontal. Pathetic people she thought, and then turned her head, as the first of them, to look at the bus, what was on the roof before? Everyone seemed to have forgotten, but not her. There was a man standing there, possibly the most beautiful man she had ever seen. Mysterious, dressed in dark, oh, and not to forget the large, white, feathered wings that prided the back of him. She stared at him, amazed and she didn’t dare to blink. Her eyes met his, purple, mysterious and lacking the grey of this world. He smiled, she could see the amusement playing in his eyes. His hair was silvery grey, but unlike the grey of the sidewalk, the grey of the buildings, it shined with a life. It was long, cut around his waist, and placed in a loose tail.

He whistled, it was a sound hardly hearable, but she heard it, and the second he whistled, the person that had been run over jumped from the crowd, no, leaped into the air and landed both feet on the bus, before he lowered down into his knees and studied the people there. His black hair was a mess, and he bend down in his knees, both hands placed upon the bus roof, looking down at the crowd with green, poisonous eyes. Like the man standing there, his eyes were breaking free from all the dull, they were so lively, so amazingly lively. And they walked off, leaving Jylia standing, without anything to do, but stare like the rest. But she felt colorful, all of a sudden she felt touched with their color, their life.