Saturday, December 26, 2009

Problem with children

Nothing much to say right now, except... yea, it's a bit out of context and random.. heh. I am going to finish it at some point by the way, as my idea is to actually write something a bit longer with a bit more of plot development in it. Hope you enjoy *Smile*


Kids and their Games

Juan frowned and turned his back at her. She reached out and placed her silk soft, tiny hand upon his left, bare shoulder. He didn’t move and she leaned in close, pressing her perky bosom against his back as she rested her head upon his shoulder. “It is fine, I know what you mean love.” He smirked and got up standing, leaving her on the bed. She studied his body in the moonlight. Even though he was agile and handsome, there was something about his body that made him seem unattractive. She couldn’t quite put it, maybe it was all the scars, maybe it was the almost unnatural slenderness. He was perfect shaped, not too muscular, not too fat. As gods shaped his kin, his eyes were brown and kind and his hair, even though it was dark in the lack of light, seemed so warm and soft. She hadn’t seen him like this before, and maybe that was what disturbed her.

The pirate put on his pants; he turned to look over his shoulder for a second, a hint of sadness perhaps running across his face as he nodded at her. “You know your way out.” She got up; he didn’t even know her name. It wasn’t typical for him to sleep with the same girl more than once, and even though he’d made the mistake of taking her in more than once, he still hadn’t bothered learning her name.

He left his cabin without further notice and entered the hallways. Dorian was already up and about, for his door was open as well as Landon’s. He had hoped to be the first one up. To enjoy the sun rise on his own, but that usually wasn’t the case. He couldn’t go back, he wouldn’t look at that girl again, that creature who’d stolen his precious time, and for a moment of time, a split second, stolen his love, and even though he had a tendency of quickly falling in love with girls, and just as quickly dismiss the emotion when he was done with them, it pained him every time to do so.

The deck was misty and wet, like any other morning, the Lady of Mists welcomed him with her familiarity that he liked to take in and study. Even though the ship had been his home for several decades now, and even though he was doomed to stay on it for eternity, he still saw the ship as a sanctuary rather than a cage. He loved every inch of it, every tiny detail, the scent of the wet wood, and the touch and feel of the cool wind. “You’re up?” Dorian’s voice was easily recognizable for Juan. Many would not be able to tell the difference between Dorian and his twin in the mist, nor pick their voices apart, but Juan knew Dorian better than most, and he smirked to himself. “You here to torment me further?” Dorian shook his head and took one step so that they would stand shoulder to shoulder, as equals, studying the water before them. “You do that pretty well yourself.” Juan D’unian nodded lightly and studied the full moon upon the sky, hanging like the envious lover, constantly observing the earth below her to make sure everything is in order. A wolf howled nearby and Juan knew already what wolf that was. Their crew was an interesting bunch, and their Captain had a tendency of disappearing every time they made it to shore, especially if a full moon was about. Dorian kept quiet, studying Juan’s features in the moonlight. Juan returned the gesture by speaking no word, and allowed silence to sweep them in and force their minds to travel someplace else, anywhere else.

“I am off.” She said, her voice was high pinched and it was easy to hear tears in it. Dorian sighed and shook his head at Juan. “You are not going to help her off at least?” Juan turned around and looked at the girl for a second, then walked towards the little stairway leading under deck. “You can do that, if you care so much for her.” Dorian frowned. “And where are you going?” “I need more sleep; girl’s been keeping me up.” Dorian laughed to himself and went towards the young girl, telling her way back to the town and giving her a few coins so she could repair her clothes and get herself some food.

Juan dumped himself into his bed, looking at the ceiling for some time, attempting to knock the thoughts out of his head. His sheets smelled like her perfume, and something… a bit more passionate. There were blood on them as well; he had been rough to her, just like she liked it. A sound of utter depression escaped him and he closed his eyes, dreaming about what really bothered him.
She came clear to him easily in his mind, her beautiful face, her wolfish grin, and the glimpse in her eye, as if she is going to steal every coin he has after having her way with him. He loved every bit of her, and he would even give up his life on the Lady of Mists if it meant spending his life with his mysterious lover. Like the girl from before, he did not know his dream girl’s name. He had spent many nights with her, but didn’t remember. And silly as he was, he’d even bought her something last they had been at a large market.

He dreamed himself away with her, and was first awakened when someone bumped down next to him in the bed. Lazily Juan opened one eye, looking at Dorian’s charming brown eyes, exotic face yet pale skin. The dead friend of his smirked with his large, bloody fangs and ran a finger down Juan’s chest. “So going to stay in bed all evening? And if so, am I to join?” Juan laughed and grabbed Dorian’s adventurous finger. “you’ve eaten a human I see…” “How did you know?” “You always get like this when you feast.” Dorian rolled his eyes, clearly an expression of frustration. “You are by far the most boring lover I’d ever had. What’s with you Ju-ju?” “You know I hate that name.” “Your brother calls you Ju-Ju?” “Oh yes, and I have the most amazing relationship with my brother and I would never ever harm him.” “True true, point taken… So, are you going to move soon?” “Are we sailing yet?” “Oh no, Landon and I figured you might want to catch a drink with us downtown?” “And what if I run into her?” “What her?” “The girl from before you twit!” “Oh…” Dorian smirked and leaped on top of Juan, pressing his nose against his lovers, whispering against his lips “I ate her.” Then he rolled off the bed before Juan could smack him one. “YOU did WHAT?” Dorian was quick on his feet and at the door before Juan was even up from the bed. “I ate her, figured you didn’t want her no more anyways!” “W—Wait?” Dorian stopped and arched a dark eyebrow “Yes?” “Haven’t your father forbidden the feasting on people?” Dorian shrugged. “Dad’s caught up in his own web right now, tangling like a little fly.” “Oh?” Juan crossed his arms across his chest. “And what would the job be then?” “What job?” “The one he is going to ask us to do for him sooner or later…” Dorian shrugged. “Nothing much… He just wants the kids.” Juan went to his cabinet and found a brown liquor bottle. He opened it and drank from it. “The kids?” Dorian nodded. “You know, Lance’s kids.” “So we are to steal them from Anthalas and Logan?” Dorian nodded. “Shouldn’t be too hard. I heard Logan is out hunting this month, and Anthalas is trick able.” Juan took another big swallow from the bottle and wiped his mouth with his left hand. “So you want me in?” Dorian nodded again “Anthalas and Vian used to be old friends, maybe you can use that to your advantage…” Juan frowned “You forget something.” “Oh yes, your brother and his former friends are usually not… exactly neutral neither.” Juan flashed a cruel smile “It’s a family tradition to turn friends into sworn enemies.” Dorian turned to leave. “Be at deck in ten.” “Yea yea. “ “Oh and Juan?” Dorian stood in the door for a second or two, then finished his sentence. “We have guests, so get dressed will you?” and by those words, left the cabin.

Juan was on deck a few minutes later, dressed as proper as would be expected from Juan. He wasn’t one from wearing clothes generally, but he did have the decency to put on a shirt to go with the pants. A pair of young, female eyes studied him as he came up, and he met them without much word. A group of four people, one of them being a darkskinned woman, standing next to the first one he had spotted. She was ravenblack with white hair, similar to the moon worshipping of his own kin. He knew her already and didn’t like the sight of her one bit. She was his brother’s old… well girlfriend was the best term he could come up with, and he knew that if she was about, it meant trouble for either him or Vian. Either was trouble he didn’t particularly like. She bowed her head, and greeted him, but he did not return the gesture and instead studied the people that accompanied her. Two magicians, one which seemed weaker than the other, like magicians had a tendency of doing. A large man, probably a savage from the old lands, seemed to be her guardian, and the woman whose eyes he met first, and whom he could not help himself but study, was quite fairskinned and dressed in what seemed like a light armor. Dorian nodded at Juan. “We are escorting Mirren and her companions, as well as taking my father’s little pet here on board.” The fair skinned girl snarled at Dorian, clearly he had been teasing her since her arrival and her fangs shown quickly indicated that she did not enjoy his smart mouth quite as much as Juan had a tendency of doing. “She’s his newest love?” Juan asked instead, tossing his usual, charming yet somewhat mysterious, cocky smirk into the conversation. Dorian shook his head. “If only, at least she’s a blast. This one’s some new girl of his, joined from th-“ “Is there a point to all this?” The girl interrupted and Dorian kept quiet. “No no, let’s just get going. Mirren and her companions will be dropped off at their destination on the way, and, what was your name again? Let’s call her Chuchu, like a little doggie? Yea, Chuchu, I like that name.” She opened her mouth to speak but something kept her from doing so, maybe the fact that Dorian wasn’t going to listen to her anyways, as he just kept talking nonsense while walking down the stairs to show them to their respectable rooms.

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