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Now, because I have only five active readers who give me comments and all, I am making a story for each of them. Hehe. Sin was for Lee, and here comes one for Tine, one of my best friends ever, I hope you like it. This is to you.
Next one will be to Rasmus and it'll be about a Winn, his favorite Race.
Jannoch Blackstone

"Dearest Mirren" his brown eyes stared at the letters for way too long, and then he curled the paper within his hands and tossed it over his shoulder, landing upon a pile of paper, hundreds of curled up pieces of papers that were all failures in the eyes of the writer. He found a new sheet and picked up his feather pen. Minutes passed, his brown eyes starring at the white paper, his left hand, holding the pen, did not move. A frustrated sigh escaped his lips as he turned his head to glare out the window of the tower he was sitting inside. His hand moved, writing slowly "My love… By the gods I hate you!" he turned his glance towards the letters, then sighed to himself again and tossed that sheet over to its new friends. A hand knocked on his door, and he turned to face it. His room was comfortable, small but nice. "Yes?" he spoke and someone mumbled from the other side "Master Blackstone, you have a visitor" Sir Blackstone arose from his chair, walked from his little desk and towards the door "Send him in" he answered and unlocked the door. He could hear his trusted servant run down the stairs, only to come up again moments later with a man at his side. Blackstone had already turned his back upon the door, and was starring out his large window, studying the woods around his home. A dry sawn voice behind him, whispering because it was unable to speak louder "Master Blackstone. I got your request with me" Blackstone turned, facing the crippled young man in front of him, undead, how he could ever have any pity or respect to such a creature was a mystery to him, yet he had taken this man in when no one else would "Thank you Richard. Please, leave it here" He nodded with a soft smile and the undead fished out a large jewel, placing it on the floor, bowed deeply and backed away "What will you have me do master?" He spoke, and Blackstone felt such a pity towards this sad creature, that he shook his head "I got no more work for you Richard, not at the moment, so you are off duty to roam the home for now" the undead bowed his head, and Blackstone could see by the look of his face, that the undead was not pleased "As you wish" "Though Richard…" The undead turned quickly, a light in his eyes, he wished to serve and help "There is one thing, if you're bored…" The undead clapped his hands together, nodding eagerly "Yes master?" "I need you to go spy on someone for me, can you do that?" "Yes ma-" the undead didn't make it to finish his sentence, before someone interrupted "Jannoch, please, there is no need to send your pet to spy on me, I am but right here!" Blackstone turned his face, the voice brought up enough anger to make his blood boil. "Now, move you pathetic creature" Vian pushed the undead out of sight. Richard ran down the stairs.
Jannoch turned his back at Vian, glaring out the window. "What do you want?" he asked, and Vian but laughed lightly, kicking to the jewel on the floor "Still addicted I see?" Jannoch frowned lightly and nodded "I will stay that was as long as you live. Now, what do you want?" Vian walked closer, but Jannoch had already put up a invisible barrier to protect him, Vian sighed disappointed "I just came to make sure my favorite sobby enemy is still sitting tight while I sleep next to his girlfriend every day!" Jannoch turned around, snarling at Vian "Why Vian? I am sure she would handle the stone to you right this instance if you just asked her, why do you HAVE to stay with her?" "Oh please Jannoch, is it not obvious…? Remember what happened to Lance? A long time ago?" Jannoch frowned and stared out the window "Yes, he murdered his own love… you made him" Vian laughed to himself and shock his head "I didn't make him, I just helped him explore his inner demon, his inner killer. And I want you Jannoch, I want you on my side, I want you to understand why being evil is just.. So much better!" Jannoch frowned. "I wouldn't ever do your simple bidding, now get lost!" Vian nodded, bowed elegantly and turned to walk out "I bid you farewell then Blackstone, Till we meet again" Jannoch turned, about to say something, but Vian was already gone.
Jannoch kneeled down and picked up the jewel, looking at it for a moment, then sighed to himself. His dry lips moved only slightly, and his bony, dry face made him seem hollow and more dead than the undead that served him. He dropped his robes to the floor, letting his naked, bony body bathe in the sunshine. A body covered in magical glyphs, inscriptions and markings. It was a masterpiece to look upon, and no one would be able to make sense of it, chaos magic worked that way after all and not even Jannoch understood the glyphs completely.
He crushed the jewel between his hands, the magic rushing into his body, filling up every line of the markings with a strange, string of magic, a glow surrounded him and he leaned his head backwards, breathing in satisfied. His shape transformed with the magic, muscles grew out, youth appeared upon his face, life in his brown eyes. He smiled to himself and walked to his closet. He found his dark robes, black robes with an edge of red. The robes of a death-speaker. He dressed his body in those colors, then left his tower, going up, up and up the tower, until he reached the roof, it was flat and made him able to stand on it. Called out into the air, yelled in foreign languages, and a storm appeared out of nowhere to help him on his way. The letter to Mirren could wait, he had things to do, people to see, formulas to cast. He whirled his hand around and around in front of him, making a large tornado appear, crushing trough the nearby villages, on its way to his home. And the winds broke as a mighty creation came forth, as resurrected by the winds. A dragon, one of the last of its kind. It flew close to his tower, awaiting. The winds lifted this man, carried him to the back of this mount. He patted the silvery creature and spoke a destination to it, and it took off, leaving his home behind, his destination… Nao M'var.

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Now because one person I know really liked Sin, I am doing a little something on him.
Here you are, how Sin and Obsidian met.
To Lee, because he really is a nice guy. And It's not like I have that many fans now is it? Hehe
Oh and Karkel... you'll meet him and Twee on, no worries.

He could count seventeen of them, tied down on hands and feet forced behind their back. His green eyes returned to his group of warriors. He had brought eight of his best, but considering that this fiend had brought down seventeen of his people and tied them up like this; without they had been able to give him even a single scratch, told him that it was silly to even consider attacking. He had to watch for now, and hope for a miracle. Karkel, named Cutter by his human kinsmen turned his head to face Twee, the youngling was not strong enough for this, but it was a good opportunity to show his child the evils of this world. He nodded and waved his son closer. The young man crawled on all fours, sneaking close to his father, peeking up over the bushes to see for himself. Twee seemed thoughtful for a moment, then nodded to his father after he had studied the scene “We can do this” He whispered, but Cutter shock his head. “No he is too strong”. A man behind them, named Lerishúl or Raccoon on the native tongue frowned and moved forward, whispering “Cutter, we have a chance, if just..” but Karkel raised a hand lightly and shock his head “I will not put your lives carelessly, into the hands of this madman!” he snarled trough whispers.
“You’re slipping my dear friends!” His voice roared through the woods and the sound brought chills down the spine of Karkel, his gaze turned to the man walking through his prey. He was wearing all black, and it was like his shadow roamed on its own, too large for it to be normal, an abnormal shape of pure darkness, it didn’t look the slightest bit like this man’s shape. His cruel voice called out again “You are slipping down a Path, and I am here to help you!” what was this? Cutter understood nothing of this, why would this man, this fiend capture his people just to talk to them? What were his reasons? “You are weak, you are young, and you are going to die!” most of the victims screamed but they had all been gagged and were hardly able to make a sound. The man laughed and extended his arms to each side and upwards into the air, twirling around himself as the sun caressed his pale face, a face too perfect, firm and soft to fit such a monster. His eyes shined with a certain, red color and from what Karkel could see, he had no scars on him, he was indeed, perfect. “I know you might be scared, I know, Oh I know what it feels like… You see, that scary face, knowing it is to die, I have seen it many times.” The man leaned down to one of the people, a young woman, and Karkel’s best archer. She was crying and she tried to fight as the man pulled her up by her chin only, but the pain was too much and she had to stand. They stood like that, face to face, silence from everyone for several seconds, then the man reached towards her face with his free, gloved hand and pulled the gag out of her mouth “now, have something to say child? Oh please, speak it now for you are running out of time, can you hear the birds? They go tweek tweek, they know you are to die, and you will feed them, your mind filled with lies. You have cheated on your husband? I can tell!” She spit him in the face, screaming “WHO ARE YOU TO DO THIS?!” he laughed, dried off his face and tossed her down on the dirt, turning his back on her, laughing a hallow, cold laugh. “Who am I? Now… who can tell me this? Who I am to do this? Do I have to be something special to kill? Did the gods not create us so that we could kill? Is that not what we do? Be it human, Seresta or me? Do we not kill?” He spit at her, and then leaped into the air, jumping down on her back as she tried to crawl away. The sound of bone against bone, her body jerked backwards as her bones broke, her whole back breaking underneath his surprising strength. She spit out blood, unable to scream as her lungs were already destroyed. Her body shaking terrible as all her nerves died, as her body decided to give up. A whispering, terrible sound as her last strength went into trying to scream. Karkel turned his head, not wanting to look.“NO! No No No!” the man pulled into his own hair, walking around in circles “Look what you made me do? Now there’s only sixteen left, and I soo wanted seventeen. I really, really wanted Seventeen..!” He turned around himself, mumbling in frustration, and then he screamed angrily, looking through the crowd of people he had captured “Who made me do it? Huh? Come on, admit it… I do not mind!”
“I did” a sound appeared from nowhere, and Karkel looked up, curious of who would dare interfere. A man stood, the long, silver hair hanging loosely on his back. He was dressed in green robes with bonds of silk hanging from shoulders, bonds decorated with glyphs and runes, the tongue of gods. Karkel studied this new figure with interest for just seconds, then waved his men closer, whispering “If they start fighting, we charge in and help our people. No one fights unless that’s the last solution, just cut them loose and run, got it?” His men nodded.
“WHY? Who are you? You can’t just!” the killer yelled loudly into the face of the newcomer, making the man just dry his cheek with his sleeve “I am here to get you Sin” Sin shook his head “NO! I’m fine here! I got all I need” the man sighed lightly “It is not an option Sin, I am here to get you whatever you wish it or not..!” Sin laughed cruel “I am not that easy to just pick up! And I’m not into that guy on guy thing… Find another lover you freaky fuck” the man smirked lightly, a rare, almost ancient smirk upon his face “But Sin… You are now given two options, either you go with me now and quietly do my every bidding, or we make this fun and I challenge you to a duel!” Sin eyed the man up and down “You got some nerve don’t you?”
Karkel was quick to order all his people to retreat, but he had to stay himself, curiosity burned his inner soul and he had to watch this fight or he would be haunted by doubt the rest of his life.
Sin laughed manically and extended first his left arm, a black wing folding out with it, then his right arm quickly followed by another wing. He stretched his entire body lightly and laughed to the man “There! Go run with you while you can. You surely did not expect this kind of creature? I am Sin, The reincarnation of every mortal’s sin. Run, hide, I know you did not expect this!!” the man laughed lightly “You amuse me Sin, how you love yourself, yet… you are nothing but my pet, and soon you will understand that!” Sin snarled “Who are you?” the man bowed lightly, slowly bright wings folded out from his back, white and a contrast to Sin’s “I am Obsidian, pleased to meet you Sin” Sin pointed at him and backed a bit “you’re.. a Winn?” he trembled lightly In fear, still backing lightly. “Oh yes my dear Inix, a Winn, your nemesis, come on, fight me!” Sin frowned, then pulled his daggers “Fine! Let’s do this!” and before Karkel’s keep Erelian eyes could see what was going on, the two of them were tumbling around in the air. It all went so fast, feathers everywhere. But not yet blood. Obsidian pushed Sin away from him and then a large bolt of blue light appeared from his palm, shooting Sin away from him. Sin shock his head angrily, then flew towards Obsidian again. The winn attempted another spell, but he was not quick enough and Sin slammed into his stomach, forcing them both to fall downwards, Obsidian first. They crashed into the ground, and Sin jumped away from Obsidian, laughing dearly “You pathetic bird, tweet tweet you go, you’re all but song!” Obsidian laughed silently, making Sin raise an eyebrow, going closer “What? You’re not supposed to laugh!” laughing, he slowly stood, brushing the dirt off him “You’re… unharmed?” Sin frowned lightly, eyeing Obsidian “Yes indeed, you are not the only one able to survive anything Sin” Sin spit on the ground “Well let us continue then!” “Why? I believe I won” Sin raised both eyebrows, then snickered “And how did you do that Mr. Guy in a dress?” “Oh you didn’t even notice?” Obsidian asked, making Sin bark at him “Explain NOW!” “Oh please Sin, are you not going to fight any more? I scare you? Go ahead, try and fight me now!” Obsidian held up a small, black vial with some strange, glowing liquid inside of it “You didn’t . . . ? “ Sin stood, stunned “Oh yes I did, and you didn’t even notice. Do you know what this is?” Sin gulped lightly and nodded “Yes… that is mine… give it back!” Obsidian shook his head “Oh please, why would I? You now belong to me!” Sin stepped closer “Give it! NOW!” “or what? You’ll attack me? I’ll smash it!” Sin frowned, looking down “I need it…” “No you don’t. In this bottle it’s all safe and sound.” Sin charged forward, but Obsidian quickly took off, flying “You really want to test your luck? If I destroy it you do die am I not correct!” Sin snarled “Fine Fine! What do you want!?” Obsidian landed again “Your help… Your abilities… Your murdering tendencies” Sin smirked lightly “I don’t kill for good, I kill for myself” “Oh please, Sin, I am not that kind of Winn… but follow me for now, please…” “Well, you have my shadow, I can do nothing but now can I?” Obsidian smirked “I hardly believe you are able to live without it…”

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About the new Blog

I finally got to make a new blog for those who want to know something about my characters more than they can read, and want some silly information about me as well.
Silly information is important.
Well anyways.
The links are at the bar to the Right ---->
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I will put up a lot more links as I go, at the moment it is kind of loosely overthere. But it will come.
Have fun reading, I will now go write something about the first character, Juan because we all love him.
Oh and remember to go read my latest story, I posted it today just before I posted this.
It's the Obsidian, Anger and Sin one. heh.
Take care yoall.

Obsidian, Anger and Sin

Now, let me introduce a few, new characters. These are different in many ways and I might, when I one day can be arsed, explain what a Winn and an Inix is. As well as the other races I have mentioned. I am working on an explonation of the Seresta at the moment.
Now, enjoy this tale and introduction of three characters that you will meet many times from now. Oh and I might one day explain what is with Caelon and his wife.


She swung the large sword in front of her, cutting nothing but air; he was too fast, too agile. Rage, shown in blue, frustrated eyes. He could see how they had been crying only minutes ago. Sireva charged him, screaming wrath. He was quick to fall to the side, though he did not yet draw his own weapon, he did not mean to harm her, but it might be a last resort. She screamed at him, words he hardly understood “WHY? Why Caelon WHY?” tears strolled down her beautiful cheeks and he felt a sting in his heart. Caelon but shock his head. “It was not my fault Sireva” his voice yet calm, he tried not to bring forth any more anger in her, or she might actually put some effort into killing him. His attempt failed as she ran towards him again, bare feet trough the wooden ground. He avoided the weapon but got in close to her, hugging her close “Please Sireva… “ she cried against his shoulder “Caelon, I… I…” She drew her dagger, forcing it into his chest, a surprised expression upon his face as he felt pain penetrate his body. “I HATE YOU!” She screamed into his face, pulling out the hunting knife “I HATE YOU CAELON!” She stabbed him again, penetrating a breastplate, a vital wound this time. “I HATE YOU!” he was silent now, falling to his knees, green eyes going blank as he saw nothing but a shade in front of him, could this really be Sireva? The girl he had loved so passionately? She kneeled down, now she realized what she had done and she hugged him close, crying “I… No! Cael wake up… I didn’t mean to… wake up Caelon!” she shook him in her arms, desperately screaming into his dying face for him to wake up. He raised a hand slowly, the last strength he had as he caressed her cheek, stained with blood and tears. He softly whispered to her “Please… forg-“but fell backwards before he could finish his sentence.
She screamed desperately towards the moon, cursing it for forcing her to do this. And then she crawled close to him, holding him in her arms and begged for forgiveness.

“What have we here?” a deep male voice spoke out, accompanied quickly by another “Looks like something’s gone wrong here?” the other voice was slightly more… ruffled, as if speaking trough something, and not as elegant as the first one. Sireva heard them but she did not open her eyes. “Which of these are the victim you think?” the second voice asked the first, and the first replied after a short, thoughtful break “Aren’t women always the victim?” a rough, cold laughter came from one or the other; she had a hard time telling each apart. “Now little girl, please stand” that was the first voice, she could tell by the lack of compassion that seemed to go with him. She didn’t open her eyes, playing dead might make them leave. And then she heard the sound of giant wings, something landed close to the two voices, accompanied by a last voice, more feminine yet again ruffled, sounding blocked by something. “What have you found? We do not have time for looking at dead animals!” “Oh but Ann, look at this?” the second male voice spoke to this “Ann” person; Sireva could hear footsteps closing in “Yes, we do not have time to look at dead animals, leave them alone!” a cold, arrogant tone came from the more feminine of the three and judged by the name Ann it might very likely be a woman. “And what are we looking for Obi, could you tell me that again?” the second of them asked, clearly to the first one for he replied “A murder between husband a wife…” “Bingo! Ann I might believe you’re out of your league here, we found the target!” a grin coming from Ann as a foot hit Sireva brutally and without remorse in her face. “Girl! Stand!” Sireva gulped and spit out blood on the ground, then stood up, eyeing the two of them. Now Ann must be the woman in front of her, dressed in a black robe of some kind, the ruffed sound would surely be made from the piece of cloth in front of her mouth and her black hair was hanging loosely to around her waist. But her looks was not what had Sireva’s attention, it was those black, huge wings that seemed to have grown from the woman’s back. The other two lacked wings, but this woman was surely equipped with a set, large and feathered.“Wha… what do you want?” Sireva asked mumbling, the presence of this woman made her nervous, and her tongue hurt like hell, she had bit on it when the boot had hit her face. “We simply want to know…” the woman did the talking, her voice still cold and uncaring “… OH please” it was the first voice, belonging to this Obi. “Give the woman some space Ann, her husband’s dead and she’s all alone…” a tall man pushed those wings away as he walked closer to Sireva. Never had she seen such a man, he was tall, slender, beautiful in any way. His hair was silvery and long, arranged on the back of his body, a body who’s language was kind and welcoming, he carried no weapons and no wings, his cloth were white and black, making him shine of respect. He stood in front of her for a second, then bowed his head in a greeting “We wish you no harm miss. I excuse for Ann’s manners, we are simply here to figure out what happened” the woman frowned “Bah, Winn people; they are always like that” and now Sireva understood and it had really been true what Caelon had said. Her eyes trailed down to the dead body of her husband and she hated herself for doubting him just a second. “So it is true what he said?” she whispered “my son…” the man lightly nodded “I am afraid that is the truth of it.” Her hands formed into fists, she trembled in anger “Why?... Why him?” the man in front of her spoke again “Why someone else? You should take great pride in the destiny of your child he-“ “No! I will not hear it! I know what you do to children! I know it!” a loud sigh and the third person walked up close. He was followed by a certain mystery. Black, messy hair, a masked face as well and dressed in all black. He wore a torn, black cloak that seemed to create a deep, unnatural shadow around him. He walked past Obi and towards Sireva, raised a hand and slapped across her face. She fell to the ground, he was stronger than it looked, and she could hear ringing from her ears for a few seconds. The man shrugged lightly and mumbled “Wups, sorry Obi”. Sireva was pulled up standing again by the woman who snarled into her face. “What did you do to your husband woman?” Sireva cried now, the pain was too terrible. “I killed him!” she screamed into the face of the woman, who pushed her behind, letting her trip over the dead body of Caelon. Obi turned to face the masked number two of them and shock his head “I believe there is nothing more to do here, Sin, you can finish her off, I wash my hands on this one”. Her eyes widened and she shook her head “no, please… No!” she cried, but Sin was already over her, a maniacs laugh as he stabbed trough her body, again and again and again. She tried to fight back, her hands in panic as she grabbed a huge stone and hit him in the face with it, no response. She screamed, a sound of utter pain and fear ran through the forest, but it was too late and she was left on top of her already dead husband.

Anger sighed, glaring out over the hills, and then she turned to face her companionship “Well at least someone had his fun today." Sin looked up, he was lying on his back, looking up, a large smile upon his face “It was fun, it’s been a while since the master’s let me loose” she frowned lightly “Speaking of the master… where is he?” Sin shrugged lightly “How should I know, Obsidian finds me when he needs me, not the other way around” Anger smirked lightly, she shrugged and returned to gaze out over the horizon “How does Obi then know that you’re not just butchering people? He doesn’t keep his dog at a leash?” Sin laughed dearly and leaned back into the grass “Obsidian trusts his puppy, that’s his ways” Anger smirked “I bet he got something on you…” Sin frowned “ Why are you so interested in Obi anyways? He’s just some stuck up brat!” Anger turned to face Sin again, walking towards him “He is… important Sin, you understand? Obsidian is a Winn, yet he turned to the Inix… I want to know why he betrayed his kinsmen” Anger was almost screaming in his face and she didn’t hear Obsidian as he landed behind her and made his wings disappear into thin air “Oh but that is simple Anger. I enjoy this life rather than the life the Winn could give me”. His voice annoyingly calm as always and Anger turned to face him, her features fitting her name. “Stop doing that!” she snarled at him and then turned to walk. Obi snapped his fingers and pointed after her, making Sin stand up, nod and run after her.

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The Fall

This one if about one of my favorites. Lance.
Lance is the oldest character I have, he has outlived even Narodimus... Even Juan and Vian are younger than Lance Greenleaf. So be nice to him... And shed a tear if you have to.


A bard's tale about evil.

The bard walked into a dusty inn, it was halfway empty, only a few sitting in the corner, planning and plotting, and a young group of travelers by the fireplace. But that did not stop the eager man from sitting down next to the fireplace, speaking as if his own mind, yet he go the attention of all the inn. "Lance. Poor Lance some might still whisper in the corners. Lance Greenleaf was born a treewalker, but quickly trained in the powers of a whisperer. He was known for his great powers in the arts of controling the nature, but that is not the tale for today, no, no one speaks no more of Lance's good, for his kindspirited nature and his helpful demanour. No, that is all forgotten because no matter how much good you do, one evil act will change that. Lance is now feared and reknown for few acts that has done more impact to the world than a lifetime of good. But enough of this, let me tell you a tale no one knows about Lance." The bard held a artistical break, then got himself a beer with a wave of his hand to the barkeeper. The adventurers, awakened with curiosity, eagerly nodded of him to go on, but everyone was now silent, because everyone knew the feared Greenleaf, and everyone enjoyed a good tale of horror. They will get disappointed.

"Aneria was her name, and it is of her I will tell a tale. She was beauty of a lass, indeed, her hair burning red, like the sunset, and her eyes green like the spring leaves. And Lance had loved her from the very moment he laid his eyes upon her. Oh yes, Aneria was a beautiful woman, adored by many men, but her kind nature allowed her not to marry, for she was too good a person and wanted only friendship. Oh yes, her kind heart would not allow her to ever love one man more than the other, so they were all but friends, admirers in the dark. Lance was young at the time, such a young lass, clumsy and shy, but when that summer day came, and he saw Aneria for the first time, his good heart was given away.
She was walking trough the fields, collecting wild berries from bushes that grew on the untendered land. Her body delicate wrapped in white cloth. Her red hair burning fiercely in the sun. Lance was sneaking about in the shape of a large, brown dog, he enjoyed this shape particularly, for it made him able to sneak around without anyone's notice much. He was but a stray dog in the eyes of most." The bard held a break, drinking from his glass of beer. "She spotted him, and though she feared the animal a bit, her good heart would not allow her this fear, and she called him forth, petting him and laughed. His heart was sold. Her laughter, pretty as the beautiful songbird.
She took him in, living in a small hut where she grew roses and sold to the noble as well as poor. She tendered for him for days, believing he was but an animal and nothing more, and Lance dared not to shatter her belief of him. She named him Stray and gave him a leather collar and food every evening.
He lived with her for half a month, at that time, most of the whisperer clans were looking for him, for they all needed his advice, his powers and his wisdom, even in youth Lance was the wisest and strongest of the whisperers, whom else are known for their great knowledge in everything."The bard smiled at the travelers, then nodded as the other group of people came close to hear his tale.
"But one day, when Aneria was walking trough her gardens, taking care of her flowers, a horse approached, white and shining, what a stallion it was. And upon it sat a man in green, hair as yellow as corn and eyes burning orange, a Seresta and his name was Vian D'unian. He was a whisperer, and asked the young girl for information, if she had seen his friend Lance Greenleaf. The girl could only answer that such a man had not passed, and she offered shelter for the young man. Lance was furious, but he stayed in his animal form, his love to Aneria growing too strong, and he would not defile her yet by showing his true self, for he knew it would make him seem but a liar and a charlatan.
So Vian dined with her that evening, and they laughed, while poor Stray was left forgotten in his corner, not delighted her attention, her heart or simply her distant touch. And that is when he had his plan, he snuck out the door, to transform into himself, there he could say he was searching for Vian, and he would surely be found, a welcome guest.
The dog snuck out the door, into he night, their laughs behind, but he could not hear any of their attention turn towards him." The bard sighed in despair, feeling sorry for poor Stray" Outside, he hid into the woods where he had transformed from human.
He walked back, happy that he could finally meet the girl, only to see thugs trying to rob the house. They must have snuck close by while he was gone."The bard jumped up on a chair now, waiving dramatically
"So the thugs dragged her out, laughing and laughing, holding Vian down as if he could do nothing. Greenleaf ran to the rescue of his love, waiving with a wooden stick while cursing at them and telling them to leave her alone, but he could feel fur grow out from his skin and he could but only hear barks come from his mouth, he had been too eager and the transformation was yet to be completed? he stood, half man half beast, of course, he scared off the thugs, but also his love, who screamed in horror at this creation before her.
And Vian, who recognized the beast form of his mentor and elder, he stood up, formed his hands together, green lights surrounded him"The bard formed his own hands together, twirling around himself as green lights appeared and illusions danced around him."Lance tried to force the rest of the transformations upon him, but something went wrong, he roared at Vian for he knew now what had happened, he had not been to eager. Roots surounded him and forced him down to the ground, he felt the pain of Vian's magic forcing itself upon his body, and then he saw the charlatan of a Seresta walk up to him and kneel down in front of him. Lance attempted to bite the man, but Vian was too quick, too surefooted. He whispered into his ear-" The bard leaned down towards one of the young men, whispering but loud enough for all in the room to hear if they listened close enough "I knew it was you, and I know you want her… and all you have, shall be mine… I forced your transformation to stop, for I am more powerful" The bard stood up again "And he dragged his sword!" And the bard drew his sword "But Aneria, kind hearted as she had always been, felt around Vian's waist, begging of him to let the animal go, show it the mercy, it had saved them. Vian smirked and nodded, lifting the roots from the body of Lance, but Lance, filling with Hate and anger jumped at Vian with teeth and claw. The Seresta was again too quick" The bard held a break, lowering his sword, his voice now sad.
"Aneria was dead in his arms only seconds later, and Vian jumped upon his already saddled stallion, yelling after Lance - I will destroy all that you love - and then rode off into the night, Lance, unable to do anything… just hugged his love close… And wept."
The bard dried off a tear, swong his green cloak and left trough the door and into the night, transforming into a large, brown dog named Stray.

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Brothers' blood.

This story is about Juan and Vian, a meeting that took place between two happenings in a RP. A meeting not many know about, and especially not the Characters involved in the plotting taking place.
You will meet both characters again later on, so I will not yet reveal what is between these two brothers, why Vian is an idiot, and Why the Lady of Mists look the way it does. I will furthermore not yet tell you what the connection between Juan D'unian and Narodimus M'var is, that will be my secret untill I write about it.
For now, Enjoy this little meeting.

Juan D'unian and Vian D'unian

The harbor was alarmingly noisy this evening and everyone was busy packing up shipments and getting their wares to the warehouses, stopping those boys from stealing whatever they could get their fingers upon and carrying dead soldiers in boxes into the large city. Because Ravencrown is a city, one of the largest in all of Eri, only matched by few of the Erestian cities, and of course, the city of Gods.

The crowd split in two to make way for horses. A pair of white, beautiful horses dragging with them a small carriage. A carriage without any cover for rain, but also a carriage that allowed the rider to stand, and so he did. Standing on his two feet, horses reins in his hands. He wasn't quite the tall man, rather a small one, and easily noticed as being one of the "small people" at the humen would call him. He was a Seresta, and his hair held the color of the summer sun, golden blonde. His eyes golden, calculating and dangerous. He was not a strong man, rather a smaller, intelligent one. Though he traveled alone, the crowd moved, and no one attempted to scare his horses, pull him down or sneak up the carriage for a ride. He wore noble clothings, robes of the shining green colors, proving him an accepted "whisperer" and thereby a magician able to control the powers of nature. His blood making him a Seresta, and his ability to control the nature itself, made him a man you would not want to fight.
He stopped his horses by words rather than moving the reigns, then jumped down from the carriage. A huge wolf woke from the dept of the transport, lifting its white head and nodded at this man, agreeing with him, it would keep guard for now.

A ship entered the Harbor, old and dusty, but also a ship of some strange respect around it. The afterdeck being holed and old. The ship owning only a holed, burned down sails. Words, old, written on the steer of the ship, wrote "The Lady of mists" and only few people was seen serving as the lady's crew. The galleons figurine was but a corpse of a young woman and it was still possible to see how her face had been screaming in horror and pain. She had died hanging there. The ship laid still for a few minutes, nothing moved, the harbor all quiet, awaiting the pirates to storm, but only one man jumped off ship, smiling brightly and nothing you would expect from that ship.
A Seresta, his hair the color of autumn, messy brown with the hint of red. He walked with a certain elegancy about him, not minding where he went and not minding whomever might look upon him. Wearing an eye patch was the only hint he might be a pirate, apart from his ignorant nature and his accent when he spoke words. Which he did all the time to be frank, now, he was mumbling to himself. He wore a simple white shirt, half open, and a pair of linen, black pants. Nothing out of the ordinary there, though the certain elegancy around his whole nature, catlike in balance was easy to see. His brown, almost red eyes studied the harbor, then a smirk appeared upon his lips.

"My and what do I see? Is that really the Proud Juan D'unian here to greet?"
Juan yawned and nodded lightly, glaring at the man in front of him, speaking his direction. Oh yes, if it wasn't the proud brother of his, older, smarter perhaps? Who knew.
"Ye'r be reque'n me pressen'e" Juan grinned, glaring at Vian D'unian. Vian nodded lightly and politely nods towards his horsespan "Let us find a quiet place to disgust this matter" Juan shrugged lightly, whatever his brother might want, it surely could have nothing to do with the "lady" an surely it couldn't be that important. But Vian was a man of secrecy and scheming, and of course, if he had some strange plan again, Juan would hear it. So He followed his brother trough the crowd, as the Lady again set her sail and left the harbor to roam the seas.

"The butchered pig" was a lovely tavern these days, and the two men found their way there without any disturbance. They had said nothing to each other yet, Juan but glared at the white wolf in the carriage, and Vian but riding the horses, no words exchanged.
They entered the lowly tavern, dusty and dark, not many came here anymore and the innkeeper was a strange looking fellow. Fat, old and cranky, nothing friendly about him, and not the most kind spirited person either.
"Wha' ye be drag'n me here for eh?" Juan said, annoyed of his brothers typical behavior, then nodded at the barkeep "Oi! Fatlad, ye fill 'ne glass o' Ale for me frien' and 'ne glass o' rum for meself eh" The fat man growled something, but words Juan took no interest in, so he just sat down by a table near a dead fireplace.
Vian took off his green robes, wearing red ones underneath, proving his status as a Magician of the Chaotic flame as well, an art of power in contrast to his natural call of green.
Juan shock his head, watching his brother, then tossed both his booted feet upon the table.
"I ask a favor of you brother" Vian slowly spoke, his voice soft as always, his hands trembling lightly, making Juan raise an eyebrow in question, for it was nothing his brother normally would do, tremble.
"An' wha' tha be?" Juan slowly asked and grabbed the glass as it was placed upon his table, emptying it.
"I need you… to seduce a girl, and steal something from her" Vian smirked lightly "Something you should be able to do" Juan shrugged at his brother "An' wha' ei ei'm suppos'd to be steal'n eh?" "A stone, actually, the piece of a stone" "Tha' stone eh?" "Yes… That stone… I found a girl who is in possession of it" Juan glared at Vian "And why ye ein't be doin tha' yerself eh?" Vian shock his head "I can't… It's… complicated" Juan laughed dearly, lifting up Vian's glass and emptying that as well "Ei be believin' me brother's been havin 'ne soft spot fur tha luv eh?" Vian sighed, shaking his head and stood up "She'll be accompanied by myself, we have a room at the Stalleon… Go find us there if you want to take the job. I'll pay you for it if needed" Juan shock his head "Ei'll be sein wha' kind o' girl she be, and if she be the kind ei don't be liking, then ei'll be doin tha for free" Vian nodded stood and walked towards the door. "Oh bro?" Juan said, making Vian stop at the doorway, looking over his shoulder "Yes?" "It'll be good sein yer again' What's it been? Ten o' years?" Vian just shrugged and left mumbling "Far too soon for my taste"

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The Ruler of The Clan. ((Ending of Gabriel))

The story of Gabriel Part 7
For Part 6, check this link

Nao Mc'Gregor M'var

They dragged in the burned, destroyed body of Gabriel and tossed him for the feet of his father. Nao, sitting in his high chair, reading in a book, he hardly payed attention to the man, nor the followers of his clan that had brought Gabriel. No, Nao had known already that this would happen, and he knew now what would be demanded of him.
"He attempted Suicide sir!" spoke Thomas slowly, Thomas, Narodimus's most trusted grunt, not a man Nao enjoyed the company of, but he always got the job done, and it was hard these days to find someone to get the job done.
Nao turned his head. Long, black hair hanging into his face, he snarled with his fangs showing, annoyed that they disturbed him, though he knew already they would. "You break silence for this? Leave us!" He waved a pale hand in front of his servants, his white body skeleton-like, for it was a while since anyone could recall watching Nao feast upon human blood.
His servants opened their mouth to protest at first, but Thomas stopped them, yes, Nao knew he would. Thomas… A name given to him when he had become a turned, a nights creature, a kindred. Nao hated these costumes, he had himself kept his name. Narodimus Mc'Gregor, first son of the M'var clan. He had kept that name no matter time, and he was no longer popular with that name, no, but he treasured it. These days, everyone was given new names, to forget their past.
He walked down from his chair, watching his servants leave and close the doors behind them. They were now alone in his hall. Ancient, roman in architecture, large and empty, dark and empty. High pillars standing 6 and 6 left and right side of the room.
"Gabriel… my child… why did you do this?" Nao's voice, deep and sad, his robes, bloody red and black creating a carpet around him. He kneels down to Gabriel's body and shakes his head again.
"Your disappointing me child." he softly caressed his hair, bowed down and kissed his forehead. Gabriel coughed lightly, opening his blue eyes, glancing at his father. He shook his head. "I will not crawl in the dust for you". Nao but pet him in pity. "An ignoring child you are indeed, why do you think I will force you to bow and crawl? Does any of my other servants bow and crawl? Does my children do that?" Gabriel cried now, tears of blood rolling down his wounded, burned face. "I have seen how your servants treat the weaker kindred, It is not you, but them I fear". Narodimus reached down, drying off a tear. "Please, Gabriel, Please. Do not fear what you do not know."
Gabriel closed his eyes "I Will not be one of your children, please. Set me free father" Nao nodded lightly and found his sword by his chair. "Of love, I release you then" and trusted the weapon into the heart of Gabriel, turning him to but a pile of dust. And then Nao returned to his chair, thoughtful for a moment, watching the dust pile on his floor, saddened. He waved his hand at the door as some force knocked on it to enter. The doors locked and he stood again from his chair.
Nao walked trough the hallways, levitating above the ground, towards a bowl standing on the other side of the room, near the locked doors.
His hands reached down, into the empty bowl, then he shock his head. "Empty… As my heart, you are as well empty".
He walked to the door as it was knocked upon one more time. "Yes yes, I bit you, wait for just a minute" And he turned the key, opening the door, looking upon the tall figure of his first child. Dorian M'var. The sight of the man returned the smile upon Nao's lips. For Dorian yet proved again that there still was children out, worried for their father.
"Greetings my son" he spoke and then wrapped an arm around the shoulders of Dorian. "Let us go for a hunt."