Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jylia meets Sin

This is all random, and probably won't make much sence to you, but please, just enjoy it without question.
It is new, and It is a project of mine.


The day Sin Crashed.

It’s all grey, nothing’s white or black anymore, nothing’s really shining with a color; it’s all so dull, grey and boring. The sky is grey, the clouds are whiter than the sky, yet still, it is but a brighter shade of grey. The people around were all the same, all the same dull color of nothingness, they all had faces, unfamiliar, boring faces, random features, as if they were all a big puzzle of different emotions, yet even the smile that the homeless man who had snuck into the bus flashed was grey.
She froze, it was so incredibly cold everywhere, all the grey mass of nothing made the cold even worse, and the summer hadn’t quite touched her skin yet. Her skin was pale, sickening white. She looked like an ancient princess from a dawn of dragons and knights.
Her lips red as blood and her hair was black and long. Her eyes were a contrast matched by the black and white on her face. They were green and thereby fought the red lips for attention. She was dressed in black dresses, long sleeves and a high collar. Her features were cold and she wore too much makeup for her white skin; dark makeup, black colors around her eyes. Her nails were polished black as well, and her fingers were long and pale. She studied the grey world without much interest as she denied the world her attention by listening to music too loud and dream herself too far away.

And this was when something happened. She turned her head lightly, studying the windows in front of her, out to the open road. She still doesn’t know what made her turn her head, but she did, to glare out the window with no certain interest in anything but to slaughter her boredom before work demanded attention of her and her day would be lost in paperwork and envelopes. She only had a second to respond and she used that second to do nothing but stare, as a person suddenly stood on the middle of the road and was hit and crushed by the bus. People suddenly came alive, awakened by the death of kindred. They arose and women screamed, the bus stopped, some asked the others “What happened?” or “What was that?” four seconds later something landed upon the top of the bus, and they could hear a person running down the roof of the vehicle. Everyone ran to the back of the bus, to look, to see out the windows, what was it, what was it? They could see nothing outside but crowd, people, everyone who had seen the bus hit the person was there, some of them recording on their mobile phones, some of them calling home to talk with their wife, all of them gathered and starring. The bus door opened and people rushed out, first out the driver to see what he had hit. Jylia made her way through the crowd of LA, as curious as everyone else, what was going on.

The crowd was thick in circles, and in the middle was a man. Everyone was staring at him, he was sitting on his behind, rubbing his head, completely untouched by the fact that box of metal weighing a ton had just hit him frontal. Pathetic people she thought, and then turned her head, as the first of them, to look at the bus, what was on the roof before? Everyone seemed to have forgotten, but not her. There was a man standing there, possibly the most beautiful man she had ever seen. Mysterious, dressed in dark, oh, and not to forget the large, white, feathered wings that prided the back of him. She stared at him, amazed and she didn’t dare to blink. Her eyes met his, purple, mysterious and lacking the grey of this world. He smiled, she could see the amusement playing in his eyes. His hair was silvery grey, but unlike the grey of the sidewalk, the grey of the buildings, it shined with a life. It was long, cut around his waist, and placed in a loose tail.

He whistled, it was a sound hardly hearable, but she heard it, and the second he whistled, the person that had been run over jumped from the crowd, no, leaped into the air and landed both feet on the bus, before he lowered down into his knees and studied the people there. His black hair was a mess, and he bend down in his knees, both hands placed upon the bus roof, looking down at the crowd with green, poisonous eyes. Like the man standing there, his eyes were breaking free from all the dull, they were so lively, so amazingly lively. And they walked off, leaving Jylia standing, without anything to do, but stare like the rest. But she felt colorful, all of a sudden she felt touched with their color, their life.