Monday, September 22, 2008

Angels in flight, bring us a sanctuary, my sanctuary, where fear and lies melt away.

Exactly. Angels in flight is my blog, and it will be a place where I hide all my written work. Anyone who reads it and takes interest in my short stories, well you are allowed to enjoy my work, and you are allowed to comment it, but it is all my work, my heart and my soul, and I won't take lightly on copying of my work and calling it your own, it is my love, my children, my inner thoughts, and some of it is really personal, while some is not, but it is all my work and my babies.
If you wish to do some art for me, fanart of characters or setting, I would love that and I always accept that gladly, as well as fanstories.

If you want to post your own poetry or shortstories, please, go ahead and poke me with it, I would love to have some other art than my own here as well.
This is a little about my sanctuary.

Angels in flight... Why that name?
First of all, angels... I am extremely fond of angels and you might notice that trough my work, angels are a passion and hold a certain, important place in my heart. I am not fanatical in religion, I simply enjoy the myth of angels, may it be from any religion, because all religions have their saviors.
The line itself "Angels in flight, bring us a sanctuary, my sanctuary, where fear and lies melt away." is from Kingdoms hearts 2, deep dive. My teachers always tought me how quotes makes you seem more powerful, why use your own words when someone's said it for you, and might have more credability than you...? I don't believe those words, I am sure my own words is just as fine as someone elses... Then why use a quote for my first post? Simple... I like that line. And that is the only reason why, so it is not a question of credability, or an attempt to seem fancy, I just like to line and would like to share it with someone else.


A bit about myself.
I'm a young lass from a small european country with lots of candy and lakes. Also known as Denmark. I study at the moment, and when I am not studying, I read at home, or write. My life's been like any others, I believe nothing is strange there, loving parents and a sweet little brother. I enjoy writing, it is my greatest passion, and I hope one day to actually write a book. the whole manuscript of a book, and get it published of course.
Because I am from Denmark, some of my stories will be in Danish, most in english, and some of my poetry in German as well. I believe language has it's own meaning depending on country, and also its own emotions, and feelings. Lovestories are better in English than in German as I see it, and funny stories are sometimes better in Danish than English, where the German is perfect for something serious.
I love my dogs almost as much as I love writing. Cairn's both of them. They run around, run and run and run, and you can't stop them even if you try.
My favorite color eh?
Might be.. pink.
Ye it's very possibly pink.
I play a little World of Warcraft, but I am cutting down, I spend too much time playing and it's starting to be boring.
That's not really who I am, that is simple factors giving you an idea of my life, but who am I really? I can not tell you in simple words, You must read my art in order to fully understand the concept of who I am.
For now.

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