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Grief Part 1

This part one out of three about the creation if Grief. There are a lot of new characters here that i have yet to propper introduce, but no worries, soon you'll know them as well as everyone else. The Nine is an old organization in my world but it is first now, that every member of the group is revealed. I hope you enjoy this part one, though it is not as fast forward and filled with action as my normal work, it is a begining and therefore a lot of it is introduction.


The Summoning.

Grief is a multi-faceted response to loss. Although conventionally focused on the emotional response to loss, it also has physical, cognitive, behavioral, social, and philosophical dimensions. Common to human experience is the death of a loved one, whether it be a friend, family, or other close companion, and in fact the word "grief" comes from the same root as "grave."

Pride had been the perfect choice and he knew it, already before the Oracle had seen the future and the Translators had decided upon what to make of the Oracle's vision, Pride had known that he would be the one chosen for this upcoming assignment. He was the most trustworthy and the most reliable, he was the strongest, the smartest and the best of the nine and the worth of calling all of them for the meeting was to him pointless but he didn't question it out loud, he was loyal, the one most loyal to the oracle.
Entering the hall of decisions, his eyes welcomed the homely place. He had spend years inhere, conversing, and it had been a shelter and home where no where else had. Forty-four paintings were hanging, all of them showing the nine trough five generations. Only one painting was missing, there had already been made a spot for the newest member, Grief, and Pride hoped that he would be able to create a strong Grief, and a Grief he could control better than the last one.
He was the first one there, he always was, and he sat himself into his chair by the oval table, behind his painting, there was plenty of room in the hall, and he remembered his years of training inhere, sleeping and eating with his four companions, yes, they had only been four when he had been training, for not all of the nine die at the same time, and replacements are found as soon as one is needed.
The doors opened, and his purple, iris-less eyes studied the entering figure. She was dressed in a dress for once, Anger only did that when there was called upon her by the highest, but Pride found it a shame, she was beautiful in a dress and he almost envied her that, had he only been born a woman with his strengths as a man, he would have been perfect, women had one thing men didn't… charm. She nodded a greeting to him and sat down with her own painting behind her as it was custom.
He heard footsteps and once again eyed the entrance. Death entered. Her hair had reached her hips by now, and though it had been quite a while since Pride had last seen her, the only thing changed was the length of her hair. She was dragging a doll with her, the doll almost larger than the little child. Her all black eyes stared out in front of her and it was hard to see if she was looking in any particular direction. She crawled up to sit on her chair, pulling her large doll with her, then smiled at Anger and waved childishly, Anger slightly returned the wave, though she didn't seem as cheerful as the child, then again, it was hard to be more cheerful than Death, she was always so… jolly.
Two more people, but this time he didn't have to turn his head in order to know who entered. Sin dragging his feet was a sound easy to recognize, and Obsidian had a certain aura around him when he was in the room, Pride didn't know what it was, but the Winn disgusted him.
They both sat down, Sin next to Death, he instantly started chatting with her about how her day had been so far, but Pride didn't pay much attention to Sin in general and ignored them for now. He didn't understand what Obsidian was doing here, sure he was the only one able to control Sin, yet he was no part of the Nine and shouldn't be allowed inhere. Then again, Pride already knew that he would be picked for this, the Oracle had to pick him, so he hardly saw the difference.
A laughter ran trough the hallways, maniacs crackle coming closer and Pride frowned to himself. If there was one person he could stand less than Sin it would be Obsidian, but his disliking towards the Winn was nothing compared to how much he hated the incoming lunatic. Chaos was today in quite the mood as he jumped into the room, the powers of an acrobatic as he leaped into the air, flipped around, twisted and tumbled before landing on the back of his chair, balancing on one feet. He bowed down and flickered a hand in the air as a polite greeting. With the elegancy only the most slender felines possessed, he jumped off the back, landing in sitting position into his chair, smirking at Sin. Sin laughed lightly, speaking to Chaos "Then you could make it brother! Haven't seen you in while!" Chaos placed both his feet upon the table, leaning back into almost laying position, he nodded lightly "Yea Sin, Life's too short for family reunions" Sin laughed lightly and returned to his conversation with Death.
If it hadn't been for Pride's perfect hearing, he wouldn't have heard Doubt enter. She was walking on feet covered in light, white cloth. Her skinny, tiny body wrapped in a dress of white silk and her hair covered by a cowl. Her porcelain face as always lost from any expression and Pride always had a hard time removing his thoughts from hers, she was unable to read, even to him, and her mind as closed as her face. All of the Nine could read each other's minds. All but Doubt's mind. It was always silent and closed, unable to enter.
Arousal was right behind Doubt as always, those two walked together and only Arousal might have a little insight of Doubt's person, then again, he might know as little as everyone else, Pride didn't credit Arousal of anything useful and he was hardly able to crack the mind of the young serestian, though Arousal himself was an iriel, and those two had at least race in common, Pride didn't believe being blooded with the Sun would help Arousal closer to Doubt. Arousal was dressed in green for today's gathering, and it was surely dressings made by the serestian people, finest cloth there is. Arousal himself had his blonde, golden hair pulled back in a ponytail and his characteristic, carved face indicated and fully noticed that way. His burning, orange eyes seemed tired, and Pride came to wonder what Doubt and Arousal had been up to lately.
The last of the Nine finally made his entrance. War was today as always in his armor, a sword strapped to his belt and a large polearm in his hand. He was the only one allowed weapons inside, because War never left them anywhere and not even the guardians of the Oracle could remove his weapons from him, then again, he did carry the mark of War, he was supposed to be warlike wasn't he? War snorted and took his seat, as soon as all places were taken by their rightful owner, the door closed, and the Nine's markings appeared in front of them upon the table, shining with a magic light.

A guardian appeared out of nowhere, standing by the door. Even though the Nine were created by the Oracle and all of them had pledged loyalty to same, a guardian were always posted, one could never know with both Sin and Chaos around. Those two were terrible together and could come up with any impossible idea as long as it was random and insane enough.
The guardian didn't speak, he couldn't as their tongues are cut out at birth. His eyes sewn shut and his bald head covered in markings of the Oracle. This particular guardian was protecting the Maiden of Truth, the fourth of the five Oracles, and it was her translator whom would today do the briefing. Aneren appeared in front of the closed doors, a small man for an Inix, he carried a scroll underneath his arm, his black wings not visible at the moment, and as well as the guardian and everyone else serving the Oracle as mindless puppets, his hair had been shaved off. He spoke with a voice trembling. Aneren was the youngest of the Translators and he was yet to get used to the presence of the Nine, they were indeed a dangerous as well as a colorful bunch of creations conjured by the Oracle. "The Oracle have seen, the one to gather Grief will be…" Pride could hear his name already called upon "Doubt!" Pride didn't believe it, how? Why Doubt? She was not suited for this kind of assignment? He raised a hand to protest but the Translator ignored him for now "Doubt, you will be accompanied by Anger and Chaos" Pride frowned and lowered his hand so it was not a mistake, Doubt had been chosen. "Sin, you and Obsidian are to travel to New Home and obtain a book there, the Oracle will send a guide with you." Obsidian nodded, standing behind Sin's chair. Sin smirked and leaned back into his chair, mumbling "easy cake". "Chaos, you, War and Pride are ordered to travel together to the country of Arekel, there you are to start a war, that should be easy for you" Pride frowned to himself and shock his head, unbelievable. "And the rest of you are allowed to help where you are needed, though only Doubt herself is allowed to counter Grief openly. Is that understood?" Everyone in the room nodded or replied with a yes and the Translator disappeared. The guardian bowed and opened the doors again before he vanished into thin air.

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