Saturday, November 1, 2008

I know I promised something

Yea I know I promised something on the blog, and that was to dedicate the next story to Rasmus, but he's helped me too much for me to dedicate this story to him, I'd rather dedicate this story to my most humble fan, myself. Of course I am fan of my own writing, after all, why write if I didn't like the outcome? If I hated the stories? Why then write?
Well I am writing this out of pity for today is misserable, I am misserable, and I might as well write something misserable, just because I know that self pity goes a long way in this world. It is really what makes us spin around and around and around.
So I'll work on this piece of misserable tale. It will be here soon, so be ware. This is my most enjoyed style, and it might not seem like my normal work, but I like my stories sad and misserable, and almost no one wins in my world but the bad guys and the Anti-heroes.

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