Friday, October 31, 2008


Now, because I have only five active readers who give me comments and all, I am making a story for each of them. Hehe. Sin was for Lee, and here comes one for Tine, one of my best friends ever, I hope you like it. This is to you.
Next one will be to Rasmus and it'll be about a Winn, his favorite Race.
Jannoch Blackstone

"Dearest Mirren" his brown eyes stared at the letters for way too long, and then he curled the paper within his hands and tossed it over his shoulder, landing upon a pile of paper, hundreds of curled up pieces of papers that were all failures in the eyes of the writer. He found a new sheet and picked up his feather pen. Minutes passed, his brown eyes starring at the white paper, his left hand, holding the pen, did not move. A frustrated sigh escaped his lips as he turned his head to glare out the window of the tower he was sitting inside. His hand moved, writing slowly "My love… By the gods I hate you!" he turned his glance towards the letters, then sighed to himself again and tossed that sheet over to its new friends. A hand knocked on his door, and he turned to face it. His room was comfortable, small but nice. "Yes?" he spoke and someone mumbled from the other side "Master Blackstone, you have a visitor" Sir Blackstone arose from his chair, walked from his little desk and towards the door "Send him in" he answered and unlocked the door. He could hear his trusted servant run down the stairs, only to come up again moments later with a man at his side. Blackstone had already turned his back upon the door, and was starring out his large window, studying the woods around his home. A dry sawn voice behind him, whispering because it was unable to speak louder "Master Blackstone. I got your request with me" Blackstone turned, facing the crippled young man in front of him, undead, how he could ever have any pity or respect to such a creature was a mystery to him, yet he had taken this man in when no one else would "Thank you Richard. Please, leave it here" He nodded with a soft smile and the undead fished out a large jewel, placing it on the floor, bowed deeply and backed away "What will you have me do master?" He spoke, and Blackstone felt such a pity towards this sad creature, that he shook his head "I got no more work for you Richard, not at the moment, so you are off duty to roam the home for now" the undead bowed his head, and Blackstone could see by the look of his face, that the undead was not pleased "As you wish" "Though Richard…" The undead turned quickly, a light in his eyes, he wished to serve and help "There is one thing, if you're bored…" The undead clapped his hands together, nodding eagerly "Yes master?" "I need you to go spy on someone for me, can you do that?" "Yes ma-" the undead didn't make it to finish his sentence, before someone interrupted "Jannoch, please, there is no need to send your pet to spy on me, I am but right here!" Blackstone turned his face, the voice brought up enough anger to make his blood boil. "Now, move you pathetic creature" Vian pushed the undead out of sight. Richard ran down the stairs.
Jannoch turned his back at Vian, glaring out the window. "What do you want?" he asked, and Vian but laughed lightly, kicking to the jewel on the floor "Still addicted I see?" Jannoch frowned lightly and nodded "I will stay that was as long as you live. Now, what do you want?" Vian walked closer, but Jannoch had already put up a invisible barrier to protect him, Vian sighed disappointed "I just came to make sure my favorite sobby enemy is still sitting tight while I sleep next to his girlfriend every day!" Jannoch turned around, snarling at Vian "Why Vian? I am sure she would handle the stone to you right this instance if you just asked her, why do you HAVE to stay with her?" "Oh please Jannoch, is it not obvious…? Remember what happened to Lance? A long time ago?" Jannoch frowned and stared out the window "Yes, he murdered his own love… you made him" Vian laughed to himself and shock his head "I didn't make him, I just helped him explore his inner demon, his inner killer. And I want you Jannoch, I want you on my side, I want you to understand why being evil is just.. So much better!" Jannoch frowned. "I wouldn't ever do your simple bidding, now get lost!" Vian nodded, bowed elegantly and turned to walk out "I bid you farewell then Blackstone, Till we meet again" Jannoch turned, about to say something, but Vian was already gone.
Jannoch kneeled down and picked up the jewel, looking at it for a moment, then sighed to himself. His dry lips moved only slightly, and his bony, dry face made him seem hollow and more dead than the undead that served him. He dropped his robes to the floor, letting his naked, bony body bathe in the sunshine. A body covered in magical glyphs, inscriptions and markings. It was a masterpiece to look upon, and no one would be able to make sense of it, chaos magic worked that way after all and not even Jannoch understood the glyphs completely.
He crushed the jewel between his hands, the magic rushing into his body, filling up every line of the markings with a strange, string of magic, a glow surrounded him and he leaned his head backwards, breathing in satisfied. His shape transformed with the magic, muscles grew out, youth appeared upon his face, life in his brown eyes. He smiled to himself and walked to his closet. He found his dark robes, black robes with an edge of red. The robes of a death-speaker. He dressed his body in those colors, then left his tower, going up, up and up the tower, until he reached the roof, it was flat and made him able to stand on it. Called out into the air, yelled in foreign languages, and a storm appeared out of nowhere to help him on his way. The letter to Mirren could wait, he had things to do, people to see, formulas to cast. He whirled his hand around and around in front of him, making a large tornado appear, crushing trough the nearby villages, on its way to his home. And the winds broke as a mighty creation came forth, as resurrected by the winds. A dragon, one of the last of its kind. It flew close to his tower, awaiting. The winds lifted this man, carried him to the back of this mount. He patted the silvery creature and spoke a destination to it, and it took off, leaving his home behind, his destination… Nao M'var.

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Mirren loves and hates Jannoch too. They're so sweet <3