Monday, October 27, 2008

Obsidian, Anger and Sin

Now, let me introduce a few, new characters. These are different in many ways and I might, when I one day can be arsed, explain what a Winn and an Inix is. As well as the other races I have mentioned. I am working on an explonation of the Seresta at the moment.
Now, enjoy this tale and introduction of three characters that you will meet many times from now. Oh and I might one day explain what is with Caelon and his wife.


She swung the large sword in front of her, cutting nothing but air; he was too fast, too agile. Rage, shown in blue, frustrated eyes. He could see how they had been crying only minutes ago. Sireva charged him, screaming wrath. He was quick to fall to the side, though he did not yet draw his own weapon, he did not mean to harm her, but it might be a last resort. She screamed at him, words he hardly understood “WHY? Why Caelon WHY?” tears strolled down her beautiful cheeks and he felt a sting in his heart. Caelon but shock his head. “It was not my fault Sireva” his voice yet calm, he tried not to bring forth any more anger in her, or she might actually put some effort into killing him. His attempt failed as she ran towards him again, bare feet trough the wooden ground. He avoided the weapon but got in close to her, hugging her close “Please Sireva… “ she cried against his shoulder “Caelon, I… I…” She drew her dagger, forcing it into his chest, a surprised expression upon his face as he felt pain penetrate his body. “I HATE YOU!” She screamed into his face, pulling out the hunting knife “I HATE YOU CAELON!” She stabbed him again, penetrating a breastplate, a vital wound this time. “I HATE YOU!” he was silent now, falling to his knees, green eyes going blank as he saw nothing but a shade in front of him, could this really be Sireva? The girl he had loved so passionately? She kneeled down, now she realized what she had done and she hugged him close, crying “I… No! Cael wake up… I didn’t mean to… wake up Caelon!” she shook him in her arms, desperately screaming into his dying face for him to wake up. He raised a hand slowly, the last strength he had as he caressed her cheek, stained with blood and tears. He softly whispered to her “Please… forg-“but fell backwards before he could finish his sentence.
She screamed desperately towards the moon, cursing it for forcing her to do this. And then she crawled close to him, holding him in her arms and begged for forgiveness.

“What have we here?” a deep male voice spoke out, accompanied quickly by another “Looks like something’s gone wrong here?” the other voice was slightly more… ruffled, as if speaking trough something, and not as elegant as the first one. Sireva heard them but she did not open her eyes. “Which of these are the victim you think?” the second voice asked the first, and the first replied after a short, thoughtful break “Aren’t women always the victim?” a rough, cold laughter came from one or the other; she had a hard time telling each apart. “Now little girl, please stand” that was the first voice, she could tell by the lack of compassion that seemed to go with him. She didn’t open her eyes, playing dead might make them leave. And then she heard the sound of giant wings, something landed close to the two voices, accompanied by a last voice, more feminine yet again ruffled, sounding blocked by something. “What have you found? We do not have time for looking at dead animals!” “Oh but Ann, look at this?” the second male voice spoke to this “Ann” person; Sireva could hear footsteps closing in “Yes, we do not have time to look at dead animals, leave them alone!” a cold, arrogant tone came from the more feminine of the three and judged by the name Ann it might very likely be a woman. “And what are we looking for Obi, could you tell me that again?” the second of them asked, clearly to the first one for he replied “A murder between husband a wife…” “Bingo! Ann I might believe you’re out of your league here, we found the target!” a grin coming from Ann as a foot hit Sireva brutally and without remorse in her face. “Girl! Stand!” Sireva gulped and spit out blood on the ground, then stood up, eyeing the two of them. Now Ann must be the woman in front of her, dressed in a black robe of some kind, the ruffed sound would surely be made from the piece of cloth in front of her mouth and her black hair was hanging loosely to around her waist. But her looks was not what had Sireva’s attention, it was those black, huge wings that seemed to have grown from the woman’s back. The other two lacked wings, but this woman was surely equipped with a set, large and feathered.“Wha… what do you want?” Sireva asked mumbling, the presence of this woman made her nervous, and her tongue hurt like hell, she had bit on it when the boot had hit her face. “We simply want to know…” the woman did the talking, her voice still cold and uncaring “… OH please” it was the first voice, belonging to this Obi. “Give the woman some space Ann, her husband’s dead and she’s all alone…” a tall man pushed those wings away as he walked closer to Sireva. Never had she seen such a man, he was tall, slender, beautiful in any way. His hair was silvery and long, arranged on the back of his body, a body who’s language was kind and welcoming, he carried no weapons and no wings, his cloth were white and black, making him shine of respect. He stood in front of her for a second, then bowed his head in a greeting “We wish you no harm miss. I excuse for Ann’s manners, we are simply here to figure out what happened” the woman frowned “Bah, Winn people; they are always like that” and now Sireva understood and it had really been true what Caelon had said. Her eyes trailed down to the dead body of her husband and she hated herself for doubting him just a second. “So it is true what he said?” she whispered “my son…” the man lightly nodded “I am afraid that is the truth of it.” Her hands formed into fists, she trembled in anger “Why?... Why him?” the man in front of her spoke again “Why someone else? You should take great pride in the destiny of your child he-“ “No! I will not hear it! I know what you do to children! I know it!” a loud sigh and the third person walked up close. He was followed by a certain mystery. Black, messy hair, a masked face as well and dressed in all black. He wore a torn, black cloak that seemed to create a deep, unnatural shadow around him. He walked past Obi and towards Sireva, raised a hand and slapped across her face. She fell to the ground, he was stronger than it looked, and she could hear ringing from her ears for a few seconds. The man shrugged lightly and mumbled “Wups, sorry Obi”. Sireva was pulled up standing again by the woman who snarled into her face. “What did you do to your husband woman?” Sireva cried now, the pain was too terrible. “I killed him!” she screamed into the face of the woman, who pushed her behind, letting her trip over the dead body of Caelon. Obi turned to face the masked number two of them and shock his head “I believe there is nothing more to do here, Sin, you can finish her off, I wash my hands on this one”. Her eyes widened and she shook her head “no, please… No!” she cried, but Sin was already over her, a maniacs laugh as he stabbed trough her body, again and again and again. She tried to fight back, her hands in panic as she grabbed a huge stone and hit him in the face with it, no response. She screamed, a sound of utter pain and fear ran through the forest, but it was too late and she was left on top of her already dead husband.

Anger sighed, glaring out over the hills, and then she turned to face her companionship “Well at least someone had his fun today." Sin looked up, he was lying on his back, looking up, a large smile upon his face “It was fun, it’s been a while since the master’s let me loose” she frowned lightly “Speaking of the master… where is he?” Sin shrugged lightly “How should I know, Obsidian finds me when he needs me, not the other way around” Anger smirked lightly, she shrugged and returned to gaze out over the horizon “How does Obi then know that you’re not just butchering people? He doesn’t keep his dog at a leash?” Sin laughed dearly and leaned back into the grass “Obsidian trusts his puppy, that’s his ways” Anger smirked “I bet he got something on you…” Sin frowned “ Why are you so interested in Obi anyways? He’s just some stuck up brat!” Anger turned to face Sin again, walking towards him “He is… important Sin, you understand? Obsidian is a Winn, yet he turned to the Inix… I want to know why he betrayed his kinsmen” Anger was almost screaming in his face and she didn’t hear Obsidian as he landed behind her and made his wings disappear into thin air “Oh but that is simple Anger. I enjoy this life rather than the life the Winn could give me”. His voice annoyingly calm as always and Anger turned to face him, her features fitting her name. “Stop doing that!” she snarled at him and then turned to walk. Obi snapped his fingers and pointed after her, making Sin stand up, nod and run after her.

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