Friday, October 3, 2008

The Ruler of The Clan. ((Ending of Gabriel))

The story of Gabriel Part 7
For Part 6, check this link

Nao Mc'Gregor M'var

They dragged in the burned, destroyed body of Gabriel and tossed him for the feet of his father. Nao, sitting in his high chair, reading in a book, he hardly payed attention to the man, nor the followers of his clan that had brought Gabriel. No, Nao had known already that this would happen, and he knew now what would be demanded of him.
"He attempted Suicide sir!" spoke Thomas slowly, Thomas, Narodimus's most trusted grunt, not a man Nao enjoyed the company of, but he always got the job done, and it was hard these days to find someone to get the job done.
Nao turned his head. Long, black hair hanging into his face, he snarled with his fangs showing, annoyed that they disturbed him, though he knew already they would. "You break silence for this? Leave us!" He waved a pale hand in front of his servants, his white body skeleton-like, for it was a while since anyone could recall watching Nao feast upon human blood.
His servants opened their mouth to protest at first, but Thomas stopped them, yes, Nao knew he would. Thomas… A name given to him when he had become a turned, a nights creature, a kindred. Nao hated these costumes, he had himself kept his name. Narodimus Mc'Gregor, first son of the M'var clan. He had kept that name no matter time, and he was no longer popular with that name, no, but he treasured it. These days, everyone was given new names, to forget their past.
He walked down from his chair, watching his servants leave and close the doors behind them. They were now alone in his hall. Ancient, roman in architecture, large and empty, dark and empty. High pillars standing 6 and 6 left and right side of the room.
"Gabriel… my child… why did you do this?" Nao's voice, deep and sad, his robes, bloody red and black creating a carpet around him. He kneels down to Gabriel's body and shakes his head again.
"Your disappointing me child." he softly caressed his hair, bowed down and kissed his forehead. Gabriel coughed lightly, opening his blue eyes, glancing at his father. He shook his head. "I will not crawl in the dust for you". Nao but pet him in pity. "An ignoring child you are indeed, why do you think I will force you to bow and crawl? Does any of my other servants bow and crawl? Does my children do that?" Gabriel cried now, tears of blood rolling down his wounded, burned face. "I have seen how your servants treat the weaker kindred, It is not you, but them I fear". Narodimus reached down, drying off a tear. "Please, Gabriel, Please. Do not fear what you do not know."
Gabriel closed his eyes "I Will not be one of your children, please. Set me free father" Nao nodded lightly and found his sword by his chair. "Of love, I release you then" and trusted the weapon into the heart of Gabriel, turning him to but a pile of dust. And then Nao returned to his chair, thoughtful for a moment, watching the dust pile on his floor, saddened. He waved his hand at the door as some force knocked on it to enter. The doors locked and he stood again from his chair.
Nao walked trough the hallways, levitating above the ground, towards a bowl standing on the other side of the room, near the locked doors.
His hands reached down, into the empty bowl, then he shock his head. "Empty… As my heart, you are as well empty".
He walked to the door as it was knocked upon one more time. "Yes yes, I bit you, wait for just a minute" And he turned the key, opening the door, looking upon the tall figure of his first child. Dorian M'var. The sight of the man returned the smile upon Nao's lips. For Dorian yet proved again that there still was children out, worried for their father.
"Greetings my son" he spoke and then wrapped an arm around the shoulders of Dorian. "Let us go for a hunt."

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