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Now because one person I know really liked Sin, I am doing a little something on him.
Here you are, how Sin and Obsidian met.
To Lee, because he really is a nice guy. And It's not like I have that many fans now is it? Hehe
Oh and Karkel... you'll meet him and Twee on, no worries.

He could count seventeen of them, tied down on hands and feet forced behind their back. His green eyes returned to his group of warriors. He had brought eight of his best, but considering that this fiend had brought down seventeen of his people and tied them up like this; without they had been able to give him even a single scratch, told him that it was silly to even consider attacking. He had to watch for now, and hope for a miracle. Karkel, named Cutter by his human kinsmen turned his head to face Twee, the youngling was not strong enough for this, but it was a good opportunity to show his child the evils of this world. He nodded and waved his son closer. The young man crawled on all fours, sneaking close to his father, peeking up over the bushes to see for himself. Twee seemed thoughtful for a moment, then nodded to his father after he had studied the scene “We can do this” He whispered, but Cutter shock his head. “No he is too strong”. A man behind them, named Lerishúl or Raccoon on the native tongue frowned and moved forward, whispering “Cutter, we have a chance, if just..” but Karkel raised a hand lightly and shock his head “I will not put your lives carelessly, into the hands of this madman!” he snarled trough whispers.
“You’re slipping my dear friends!” His voice roared through the woods and the sound brought chills down the spine of Karkel, his gaze turned to the man walking through his prey. He was wearing all black, and it was like his shadow roamed on its own, too large for it to be normal, an abnormal shape of pure darkness, it didn’t look the slightest bit like this man’s shape. His cruel voice called out again “You are slipping down a Path, and I am here to help you!” what was this? Cutter understood nothing of this, why would this man, this fiend capture his people just to talk to them? What were his reasons? “You are weak, you are young, and you are going to die!” most of the victims screamed but they had all been gagged and were hardly able to make a sound. The man laughed and extended his arms to each side and upwards into the air, twirling around himself as the sun caressed his pale face, a face too perfect, firm and soft to fit such a monster. His eyes shined with a certain, red color and from what Karkel could see, he had no scars on him, he was indeed, perfect. “I know you might be scared, I know, Oh I know what it feels like… You see, that scary face, knowing it is to die, I have seen it many times.” The man leaned down to one of the people, a young woman, and Karkel’s best archer. She was crying and she tried to fight as the man pulled her up by her chin only, but the pain was too much and she had to stand. They stood like that, face to face, silence from everyone for several seconds, then the man reached towards her face with his free, gloved hand and pulled the gag out of her mouth “now, have something to say child? Oh please, speak it now for you are running out of time, can you hear the birds? They go tweek tweek, they know you are to die, and you will feed them, your mind filled with lies. You have cheated on your husband? I can tell!” She spit him in the face, screaming “WHO ARE YOU TO DO THIS?!” he laughed, dried off his face and tossed her down on the dirt, turning his back on her, laughing a hallow, cold laugh. “Who am I? Now… who can tell me this? Who I am to do this? Do I have to be something special to kill? Did the gods not create us so that we could kill? Is that not what we do? Be it human, Seresta or me? Do we not kill?” He spit at her, and then leaped into the air, jumping down on her back as she tried to crawl away. The sound of bone against bone, her body jerked backwards as her bones broke, her whole back breaking underneath his surprising strength. She spit out blood, unable to scream as her lungs were already destroyed. Her body shaking terrible as all her nerves died, as her body decided to give up. A whispering, terrible sound as her last strength went into trying to scream. Karkel turned his head, not wanting to look.“NO! No No No!” the man pulled into his own hair, walking around in circles “Look what you made me do? Now there’s only sixteen left, and I soo wanted seventeen. I really, really wanted Seventeen..!” He turned around himself, mumbling in frustration, and then he screamed angrily, looking through the crowd of people he had captured “Who made me do it? Huh? Come on, admit it… I do not mind!”
“I did” a sound appeared from nowhere, and Karkel looked up, curious of who would dare interfere. A man stood, the long, silver hair hanging loosely on his back. He was dressed in green robes with bonds of silk hanging from shoulders, bonds decorated with glyphs and runes, the tongue of gods. Karkel studied this new figure with interest for just seconds, then waved his men closer, whispering “If they start fighting, we charge in and help our people. No one fights unless that’s the last solution, just cut them loose and run, got it?” His men nodded.
“WHY? Who are you? You can’t just!” the killer yelled loudly into the face of the newcomer, making the man just dry his cheek with his sleeve “I am here to get you Sin” Sin shook his head “NO! I’m fine here! I got all I need” the man sighed lightly “It is not an option Sin, I am here to get you whatever you wish it or not..!” Sin laughed cruel “I am not that easy to just pick up! And I’m not into that guy on guy thing… Find another lover you freaky fuck” the man smirked lightly, a rare, almost ancient smirk upon his face “But Sin… You are now given two options, either you go with me now and quietly do my every bidding, or we make this fun and I challenge you to a duel!” Sin eyed the man up and down “You got some nerve don’t you?”
Karkel was quick to order all his people to retreat, but he had to stay himself, curiosity burned his inner soul and he had to watch this fight or he would be haunted by doubt the rest of his life.
Sin laughed manically and extended first his left arm, a black wing folding out with it, then his right arm quickly followed by another wing. He stretched his entire body lightly and laughed to the man “There! Go run with you while you can. You surely did not expect this kind of creature? I am Sin, The reincarnation of every mortal’s sin. Run, hide, I know you did not expect this!!” the man laughed lightly “You amuse me Sin, how you love yourself, yet… you are nothing but my pet, and soon you will understand that!” Sin snarled “Who are you?” the man bowed lightly, slowly bright wings folded out from his back, white and a contrast to Sin’s “I am Obsidian, pleased to meet you Sin” Sin pointed at him and backed a bit “you’re.. a Winn?” he trembled lightly In fear, still backing lightly. “Oh yes my dear Inix, a Winn, your nemesis, come on, fight me!” Sin frowned, then pulled his daggers “Fine! Let’s do this!” and before Karkel’s keep Erelian eyes could see what was going on, the two of them were tumbling around in the air. It all went so fast, feathers everywhere. But not yet blood. Obsidian pushed Sin away from him and then a large bolt of blue light appeared from his palm, shooting Sin away from him. Sin shock his head angrily, then flew towards Obsidian again. The winn attempted another spell, but he was not quick enough and Sin slammed into his stomach, forcing them both to fall downwards, Obsidian first. They crashed into the ground, and Sin jumped away from Obsidian, laughing dearly “You pathetic bird, tweet tweet you go, you’re all but song!” Obsidian laughed silently, making Sin raise an eyebrow, going closer “What? You’re not supposed to laugh!” laughing, he slowly stood, brushing the dirt off him “You’re… unharmed?” Sin frowned lightly, eyeing Obsidian “Yes indeed, you are not the only one able to survive anything Sin” Sin spit on the ground “Well let us continue then!” “Why? I believe I won” Sin raised both eyebrows, then snickered “And how did you do that Mr. Guy in a dress?” “Oh you didn’t even notice?” Obsidian asked, making Sin bark at him “Explain NOW!” “Oh please Sin, are you not going to fight any more? I scare you? Go ahead, try and fight me now!” Obsidian held up a small, black vial with some strange, glowing liquid inside of it “You didn’t . . . ? “ Sin stood, stunned “Oh yes I did, and you didn’t even notice. Do you know what this is?” Sin gulped lightly and nodded “Yes… that is mine… give it back!” Obsidian shook his head “Oh please, why would I? You now belong to me!” Sin stepped closer “Give it! NOW!” “or what? You’ll attack me? I’ll smash it!” Sin frowned, looking down “I need it…” “No you don’t. In this bottle it’s all safe and sound.” Sin charged forward, but Obsidian quickly took off, flying “You really want to test your luck? If I destroy it you do die am I not correct!” Sin snarled “Fine Fine! What do you want!?” Obsidian landed again “Your help… Your abilities… Your murdering tendencies” Sin smirked lightly “I don’t kill for good, I kill for myself” “Oh please, Sin, I am not that kind of Winn… but follow me for now, please…” “Well, you have my shadow, I can do nothing but now can I?” Obsidian smirked “I hardly believe you are able to live without it…”

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