Monday, October 6, 2008

Brothers' blood.

This story is about Juan and Vian, a meeting that took place between two happenings in a RP. A meeting not many know about, and especially not the Characters involved in the plotting taking place.
You will meet both characters again later on, so I will not yet reveal what is between these two brothers, why Vian is an idiot, and Why the Lady of Mists look the way it does. I will furthermore not yet tell you what the connection between Juan D'unian and Narodimus M'var is, that will be my secret untill I write about it.
For now, Enjoy this little meeting.

Juan D'unian and Vian D'unian

The harbor was alarmingly noisy this evening and everyone was busy packing up shipments and getting their wares to the warehouses, stopping those boys from stealing whatever they could get their fingers upon and carrying dead soldiers in boxes into the large city. Because Ravencrown is a city, one of the largest in all of Eri, only matched by few of the Erestian cities, and of course, the city of Gods.

The crowd split in two to make way for horses. A pair of white, beautiful horses dragging with them a small carriage. A carriage without any cover for rain, but also a carriage that allowed the rider to stand, and so he did. Standing on his two feet, horses reins in his hands. He wasn't quite the tall man, rather a small one, and easily noticed as being one of the "small people" at the humen would call him. He was a Seresta, and his hair held the color of the summer sun, golden blonde. His eyes golden, calculating and dangerous. He was not a strong man, rather a smaller, intelligent one. Though he traveled alone, the crowd moved, and no one attempted to scare his horses, pull him down or sneak up the carriage for a ride. He wore noble clothings, robes of the shining green colors, proving him an accepted "whisperer" and thereby a magician able to control the powers of nature. His blood making him a Seresta, and his ability to control the nature itself, made him a man you would not want to fight.
He stopped his horses by words rather than moving the reigns, then jumped down from the carriage. A huge wolf woke from the dept of the transport, lifting its white head and nodded at this man, agreeing with him, it would keep guard for now.

A ship entered the Harbor, old and dusty, but also a ship of some strange respect around it. The afterdeck being holed and old. The ship owning only a holed, burned down sails. Words, old, written on the steer of the ship, wrote "The Lady of mists" and only few people was seen serving as the lady's crew. The galleons figurine was but a corpse of a young woman and it was still possible to see how her face had been screaming in horror and pain. She had died hanging there. The ship laid still for a few minutes, nothing moved, the harbor all quiet, awaiting the pirates to storm, but only one man jumped off ship, smiling brightly and nothing you would expect from that ship.
A Seresta, his hair the color of autumn, messy brown with the hint of red. He walked with a certain elegancy about him, not minding where he went and not minding whomever might look upon him. Wearing an eye patch was the only hint he might be a pirate, apart from his ignorant nature and his accent when he spoke words. Which he did all the time to be frank, now, he was mumbling to himself. He wore a simple white shirt, half open, and a pair of linen, black pants. Nothing out of the ordinary there, though the certain elegancy around his whole nature, catlike in balance was easy to see. His brown, almost red eyes studied the harbor, then a smirk appeared upon his lips.

"My and what do I see? Is that really the Proud Juan D'unian here to greet?"
Juan yawned and nodded lightly, glaring at the man in front of him, speaking his direction. Oh yes, if it wasn't the proud brother of his, older, smarter perhaps? Who knew.
"Ye'r be reque'n me pressen'e" Juan grinned, glaring at Vian D'unian. Vian nodded lightly and politely nods towards his horsespan "Let us find a quiet place to disgust this matter" Juan shrugged lightly, whatever his brother might want, it surely could have nothing to do with the "lady" an surely it couldn't be that important. But Vian was a man of secrecy and scheming, and of course, if he had some strange plan again, Juan would hear it. So He followed his brother trough the crowd, as the Lady again set her sail and left the harbor to roam the seas.

"The butchered pig" was a lovely tavern these days, and the two men found their way there without any disturbance. They had said nothing to each other yet, Juan but glared at the white wolf in the carriage, and Vian but riding the horses, no words exchanged.
They entered the lowly tavern, dusty and dark, not many came here anymore and the innkeeper was a strange looking fellow. Fat, old and cranky, nothing friendly about him, and not the most kind spirited person either.
"Wha' ye be drag'n me here for eh?" Juan said, annoyed of his brothers typical behavior, then nodded at the barkeep "Oi! Fatlad, ye fill 'ne glass o' Ale for me frien' and 'ne glass o' rum for meself eh" The fat man growled something, but words Juan took no interest in, so he just sat down by a table near a dead fireplace.
Vian took off his green robes, wearing red ones underneath, proving his status as a Magician of the Chaotic flame as well, an art of power in contrast to his natural call of green.
Juan shock his head, watching his brother, then tossed both his booted feet upon the table.
"I ask a favor of you brother" Vian slowly spoke, his voice soft as always, his hands trembling lightly, making Juan raise an eyebrow in question, for it was nothing his brother normally would do, tremble.
"An' wha' tha be?" Juan slowly asked and grabbed the glass as it was placed upon his table, emptying it.
"I need you… to seduce a girl, and steal something from her" Vian smirked lightly "Something you should be able to do" Juan shrugged at his brother "An' wha' ei ei'm suppos'd to be steal'n eh?" "A stone, actually, the piece of a stone" "Tha' stone eh?" "Yes… That stone… I found a girl who is in possession of it" Juan glared at Vian "And why ye ein't be doin tha' yerself eh?" Vian shock his head "I can't… It's… complicated" Juan laughed dearly, lifting up Vian's glass and emptying that as well "Ei be believin' me brother's been havin 'ne soft spot fur tha luv eh?" Vian sighed, shaking his head and stood up "She'll be accompanied by myself, we have a room at the Stalleon… Go find us there if you want to take the job. I'll pay you for it if needed" Juan shock his head "Ei'll be sein wha' kind o' girl she be, and if she be the kind ei don't be liking, then ei'll be doin tha for free" Vian nodded stood and walked towards the door. "Oh bro?" Juan said, making Vian stop at the doorway, looking over his shoulder "Yes?" "It'll be good sein yer again' What's it been? Ten o' years?" Vian just shrugged and left mumbling "Far too soon for my taste"


Anonymous said...

You just love to hate Vian. That bastard! - Brilliant work. Can't wait to read more. --<--@

Anonymous said...

And you've got to love that drunken bastard Juan.
Fab writting Dear.

Cecilie Nemeth said...

Aaaw, you two rawk.
I am looking forward to see Helen's comment on the story I got in store for her :P
I Know Tine loved hers Because Jannoch's there.